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Interview with The Ready Set

The Ready Set

The other night, I headed out to "The Outsiders Tour" and met up with the headliner for an interview a few minutes before his set, The Ready Set! We've talked to him over the years but this time aroun...(in stores: 5/27/14)

Interview with The Maine

The Maine

There are bands that I interview once and they dissappear into the abyss. A band that I have on the other hand always made the effort to cover are Arizona darlings The Maine! Over the years, we've int...(in stores: 10/6/13)

Interview with Stop Dead

Stop Dead

Speaking of side projects, Ryan Gose as well as being a member of This Century has had a side project that has released three EP's under the name Stop Dead. His most recent, Dirt & Dust, came out in M...(in stores: 3/11/14)

Interview with Eagles In Drag

Eagles In Drag

I've covered The Maine for years interviewing the guys through a three album cycle and they have their four last shows of the year coming up in these few weeks but something a little different popped ...(in stores: 3/25/14)

Interview with Down With Webster

Down With Webster

It's been a minute since I last caught up with the talented men in Canadian rock act Down With Webster! We caught up post show with Cam where they had just played their first sold out show in Boston. ...(in stores: 2/4/14)

Interview with Real Friends

Real Friends

This next interview we thought was a perfect follow up to an interview with The Story So Far, Chicago pop-punkers Real Friends! Definitely one of the most buzzed about bands on the tour this summer, t...(in stores: 7/22/14)

Interview with Watsky


To end off the first major day of Warped Tour coverage for Music Remedy, we're going in another extreme direction by presenting our interview with rapper Watsky. Watsky as well as being a rapper is a ...(in stores: 9/12/14)

Interview with For Today

For Today

Next up is a bit different from the Warped tour coverage I've been posting thus far from last week but equally killing it on the tour! For Today is five albums deep with their latest being "Fight The ...(in stores: 2/4/14)

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