This Wild Life chats their writing process and their new record?!

To wrap up our coverage of this Fall’s AP Tour, next up is our interview with Anthony of buzz band This Wild Life! The band has been putting serious time in on the road and it has clearly paid off. Their debut record Clouded dropped about a year ago and the boys are about to dive into their sophomore record post AP Tour. It was great to really get an inside look into the writing/recording process that this talented duo goes through when working on their music. I think it’s something we haven’t really gotten a good peek into in the past and I’m glad Music Remedy was able to deliver that to readers! It brings me right back to duos like The Scene Aesthetic but with an edgier take on acoustic!  Read our new interview below and look for a new record in the next year. To tide you over, check the guys out on the AP Tour for the next few weeks for their fans stateside and in Europe in February with Sleeping With Sirens!


This is the first night of this run, the AP Tour! The three things you must have with you while on tour to survive?

I must have sunscreen because of my tattoos. I’m crazy and I converted Kevin so he’s just as crazy as me now. We use a lot of hand sanitizer for the van and sunglasses. Everything revolves around sun with us. I hate being in the sun and when you’re driving and you don’t have sunglasses, yeah we’re pretty crazy about having sunglasses all the time.


Then you guys have had an obviously pretty wild year and a half to two years. It’s really picked up for you guys. Then now you’re doing this tour. Pretty much all four bands have a really good following right now but in a little bit of different genres from each other. Maybe do you have any expectations for this run being the AP tour or being with this group of bands?

We’re just super excited for this tour. The tours that we have done were like Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce then we did New Found Glory and Warped Tour so we’ve never done a true like pop-punk, pop-rock tour. We always kind of think that that’s more our audience but we’ve never done it so we don’t know but we’re like super excited. Real Friends are just good friends of ours, As It Is we toured with over in the UK like recently then Warped Tour. Then we’ve never really went out with Mayday other than Warped but we’ve always looked up to them. So it’s pretty awesome. We’re really excited for this one.


Perfect! Then your debut record Clouded has been out for a little while now. Is this something where you’re still waiting a little bit to maybe put out a new record or is this something you’re already working on?

Yeah after this tour, we’re actually going to write the new record and go and record it. So yeah when we got home from Warped Tour, we just were writing nonstop. Trying to get as many as possible then after this tour, we’re going to keep writing. The last CD was kind of funny how it got thrown together. We were a full band and we wanted to go acoustic so we wrote songs as fast as we possibly could to go into the studio as fast as we could. So we recorded ten songs and we wrote ten songs. Which I don’t like doing. So this time we’re trying to write like twenty songs and picking the ten best out of them. The ones we’re most confident with. I’m really excited for the new stuff.


And is it something with the writing that you guys write every song together or do you each bring your own ideas to the table?

Yeah we each bring our own ideas. I don’t do anything with lyrics and melody, that’s all Kevin. Usually, I come up with riffs. I record two hundred riffs on my phone I send them all to Kevin. Hey do you like any of these? I’m good at coming up with things and he’s good at structure and I am not. I have no structure. My structure would mean that there would just be a twenty minute drum solo in every song because that’s what I like. So he structures them and I usually come up with them. That’s usually the process. We never really write together.

Oh wow.

Yeah we always write at our homes then I’ll record my part, he’ll record his part. Then we go in and we listen to them together but coming up with songs we’ve never done it in the same room.

That’s insane!

It’s really weird. The process is very weird.


Do you think that is a good thing? Like maybe being on your own helps you as a band?

Yeah it’s worked so far. I think what’s important is that we both have the same idea of what we want but we both are very different when it comes to writing. We each want different things. Our songs come out from good compromises. Like he is always going to want really distorted guitars and a tele and I hate teles. I’m always going to want a Strat. It’s funny how it always works out to where by the time the song is done, we each look back and we love it. But when we were building it, we each had two different songs in mind. And that’s been every one of our songs. It’s kind of weird how we work together. It’s strange.


Then maybe to end it off, like you said after this tour, you’re going to be working on the next record. You just started this tour today you haven’t even played a set yet. So maybe what is coming up? It’s quite a long run! Are you just going to be focusing on getting the record done once this tour is over?

Yeah all our focus is on that. We’re going to Europe with Sleeping With Sirens in February. So we have a lot of time off. Luckily we did this in a good way. We’re focusing all our attentions on this tour, minds on this tour because we gave ourselves a lot of time off after this to write. I know a lot of bands have to write on the road and we just didn’t want to do that. We wanted to give the tour all our attention then give the writing all of our attention so after this, we’ll be good!


MC Lars chats his new LP, Zombie Dinosaur!

With just a few months between interviews with this next guy, we caught up with MC Lars as his new LP hits shelves on November 6th! We talk about how the new songs are going over in their sets as well as how his current tour is going with Koo Koo Kanga Roo! MC Lars is always a pleasure to chat with and always keeps it fresh. The guy has been hustling for twelve years now as a touring independent artist and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Read our new one here and pick up the Zombie Dinosaur  LP when it drops in a few weeks!

How has this tour been going so far with Koo Koo Kanga Roo, still kind of in the beginning stage of it and you still have a while to go?

We’re about a week in and it’s been great. I mean it’s really fun to do a club tour after Warped because you kind of have some of that momentum. They’re fun guys to travel with and it’s us and two video screens and no bands. The set-up is awesome. There’s not very many local openers so it’s cool. It’s a lot of kids that are coming out and it’s been great. They are really cool guys.

Perfect and we talked to you at about the halfway mark through Warped Tour. Maybe how did the rest of the tour go for you?

Yeah it was great. It’s a special tour. Yeah it was our third summer and I’m always thankful when they ask me to play it. So it was good! No issues, no one died. Our bus broke down but I think if you do Warped and your bus doesn’t break down, it’s not Warped.

It’s not a real Warped Tour experience if it goes easy for you. And now that the LP is coming up, you’re only about two or so weeks out. Are you getting nervous, are you road-testing more of the songs? Kind of how have you been going about these sets?

Yeah we’ve been incorporating songs into our sets and radio stations have been adding some of the singles. So that’s cool so people know the new songs so that’s cool. So yeah it’s really fun because we played one of the new songs on Warped Tour, the Game of Thrones song? Then we’ve been incorporating more so it’s been awesome. It’s just great. I mean it’s fun to feel this like traction building because I’ve been touring twelve years. So it’s just fun to stay being able to do that for this long. I don’t think it’s common. So I’m fortunate.

Maybe how is that, to have the tracks being picked up? You’ve worked so hard for this, you have Horris Records, like you said you’ve been doing this for twelve years.

Yeah I know. I define success by like being able to pay your bills and being able to create the music you want. It’s nice when Terrestrial Radio or bigger sites or whatever get into it. I think it’s important to feel like it’s growing and you’re reaching new people because if it feels like it’s shrinking then that can be disappointing. Unless you’re really invested in it and you’re doing it for yourself but yeah, it’s been quite a journey.

Then maybe like I said, it’s only been a few months since we talked last. I don’t think I’ve interviewed you not on Warped Tour now that I think about it.

Yeah I don’t think so.

Yeah this is the first time where I can see the whole experience in a club and not a hot, sweaty stage with a lot of other bands in the background. Should be good! But the LP is about to come out, what is coming up within the next few months? Like once this record drops?

Yeah record drops! I’m still working on this puppet show with rapping robots. The plan is to launch that next year then I’m working on a book. A History of Hip Hop book so a lot happening but yeah, I’m excited for it to come out and it’s been a busy year but it’s been great!

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