#MCM: Dave Monks

I’ve had  a really interesting year. I’ve had a lot of interviews, gone to see a lot of artists I had never heard of and fallen in love. This writer also consumes a lot of coffee to get through it and lately I’ve been hearing this tune ‘Gasoline’ over and over again everywhere I go. The musician behind this song? Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club who this summer released his first solo EP. While he is still very much actively working on new music for Tokyo, he told me in our interview earlier this year that his solo project was his outlet for anything he didn’t believe would fit Tokyo. His outlet where he’d let out what was going on in his head.

I was inspired to look up Gasoline on Youtube and found his very simplistic video for the track and instantly fell in love with it. I’m not much for hashtags like #mcm( Man Crush Monday) but it had to be done for today. Find the video here and find this gentleman back on the road soon!