8Ball and MJG to release Greatest Hits

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8Ball & MJG need no introduction. Since their debut album Comin’ Out Hard, 8 Ball & MJG have solidified themselves as one of the best hip-hop duos of all time. Along with Comin’ Out Hard, they’ve released such classics as On Top Of The World, On The Outside Looking In, Vol. 1-In Our Lifetime, and Space Age 4 Eva. The group has sold over an estimated 3.5 million units to date. Now you can hear all of their hits on one disc. This Greatest Hits collection features classic songs such as “Space Age Pimpin’,” “Pimp In My Own Rhyme,” “Don’t Flex,” and many more. This release is sure to be a sought after collectors item for hip-hop fans everywhere.

Artist: 8 Ball and MJG
Title: Greatest Hits
Release date: 05/13/08
Label: Suave House Records
8 Ball and MJG
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8 Ball and MJG
One of the pioneers of Southern rap, 8Ball & MJG emerged from Memphis, TN, in the early '90s and, aligned with the Houston, TX-based independent label Suave Records, quickly garnered a tremendous regional following while proving highly influential to a generation of aspiring, independent-minded rap artists and entrepreneurs. The pioneering duo enjoyed increasing recognition as the years passed, releasing a couple albums, namely Comin' Out Hard (1994) and In Our Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1999), that would become Southern rap milestones, along with classic singles like "Space Age Pimpin'."

8Ball (born Premro Smith) and MJG (Marlon Jermaine Goodwin) grew up in the rough Orange Mound area of Memphis and met at Ridgeway Junior High in 1984. They shared a passion for hip-hop, which hadn't yet made a strong impact in the South, and formed their own rap duo, 8Ball & MJG. They made their recording debut in 1991 with a three-track single, Listen to the Lyrics, released on cassette and 12" vinyl by On the Strength Records, an independent label. (These early recordings for On the Strength would later be reissued in 1997 as Lyrics of a Pimp and also in 2000 as Memphis Under World.) 8Ball & MJG subsequently signed a deal with Suave Records (aka Suave House), a Houston, TX-based label run by Tony Draper. 8Ball & MJG's debut full-length, Comin' Out Hard (1993), produced partly by MJG, was the inaugural release by Suave, which would grow to become one of the premier Southern rap labels of the decade. Now considered a milestone, Comin' Out Hard was among the first Southern rap albums to get widespread recognition, opening the door for other pioneers such as Three 6 Mafia, Master P, and Cash Money Records.

8Ball & MJG recorded a few additional albums for Tony Draper throughout the remainder of the decade — On the Outside Looking In (1994), On Top of the World (1995), In Our Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1999) — and did much to foster the growth of Suave, regularly being featured as guests on the label's other releases. Plus, 8Ball and MJG each branched out for solo projects, Lost (1998) and No More Glory (1997), respectively, both released by Suave.

Greatest Hits Tracklisting

1. Introduction n the game
2. Pimp in my own rhyme
3. Don't flex
4. Paid dues/ featuring cee-lo
5. Friend or foe
6. Space age pimpin
7. Sho'nuff/ featuring tela
8. Candy
9. In the middle of night
10. What can i do
11. Throw your hands/ featuring outkast
12. Starships and rockets
13. The artist pays the price
14. Have u been
15. That girl
16. Lay it down

"Greatest Hits" by 8 Ball and MJG - release date: 05/13/08..

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