Aly & AJ to release Into the Rush

, Editor on June 15, 2005 | genre: pop

Singer/songwriters Aly (Alyson, 16) and AJ (Amanda Joy, 14) bring a youthful blast of fresh energy to the contemporary music scene. They've been performing together for eight years, not only as singers, but accomplished musicians, being proficient on keyboards and guitar. Citing musical influences such as Sting, Seal and John Mayer, to name but a few, Aly & AJ have distilled the musical passion of those artists into their originals, songs that dwell on the life lessons and emotions they’ve already experienced.

Artist: Aly and AJ
Title: Into the Rush
Release date: 08/16/05
Label: Hollywood Records
Single: Do You Believe in Magic
Aly & AJ
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Aly and AJ
Aly & AJ’s talents have been vividly showcased both on record and on the air. Their crystalline vocals have been recorded for three WORD Records music soundtrack projects.
Alyson co-stars in the hit Disney Channel series, Phil of the Future. Portraying “Keely Teslow,” lead female and best friend of “Phil.” Aly has recorded the song “Protecting Me,” written by sister AJ, which was used in an episode.

AJ has been seen regularly over the past two seasons on the CBS drama The Guardian, playing Dabney Coleman’s foster daughter. Other TV credits include a two-season recurring role on the Fox-TV comedy Oliver Beene, and roles on the acclaimed HBO drama Six Feet Under and WB’s Birds of Prey. Soap opera enthusiasts will also recognize her as “Ashley B.” on the longtime smash General Hospital.

"Into the Rush" by Aly and AJ - release date: 08/16/05..

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