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Music News in August, 2003

  • Mya To release Moodring

    posted on August 28, 2003

    Remember the mood ring? There was a time when it was a must have accessory for any 'cool' guy or gal. Containing some mystic chameleon-like liquid that responded to the wearer's body temperature, the mood ring possessed a seemingly psychic ability t...

  • The Revolution Smile To release Above The Noise

    posted on August 28, 2003
    The Revolution Smile

    The Revolution Smile was formed in March of 2000. It was an idea for a band that former Far (Immortal/Epic) guitarist Shaun Lopez envisioned. In this vision he knew that he would have to front this band on his own. "I always had ideas about vocal mel...

  • Ronald van Gelderen To release self-titled

    posted on August 28, 2003
    Ronald van Gelderen

    Ronald van Gelderen (1976) grew up in the Harbour City Rotterdam, where music played a major part in his formative years. In this Harbour City in the Netherlands, he toyed around with the idea of producing music while studying to become a technical s...

  • Murphy Lee Murphy Lee

    posted on August 27, 2003
    Murphy Lee

    Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That's Murphy's Law as we've come to know it. But it's not quite the way Murphy Lee looks at life. Or at music. With his standout verses on Nelly's Batter Up, Rock the Mic remix with Beanie Sigel and Freeway ...

  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Review: God Is In The House

    posted on August 27, 2003
    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

    Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds are releasing their first ever DVD, God Is In The House, on the 11th of August 2003. The DVD contains live footage from Le Transbordeur in Lyon, France, plus the John Hillcoat directed documentary No More Shall We Part - T...

  • Smash Mouth To release Get The Picture?

    posted on August 26, 2003
    Smash Mouth

    "We are California in a can!" says Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell, whose fun in the sun supremacy comes from hits like "All-Star," "I'm a Believer," "Walkin' on the Sun," and "Can't Get Enough of You Baby." Back for more sunny scorchers, Smash Mout...

  • Nick Lachey To release SoulO

    posted on August 22, 2003
    Nick Lachey

    For the last six years, the soundtrack to much of Nick Lachey's life has been wild screams and thunderous applause. You wouldn't guess that by talking to him, though. As one-fourth of the vocal group sensation 98?, Nick has enjoyed multi-platinum sal...

  • Bobaflex To release Primitive Epic

    posted on August 22, 2003

    Prepare yourself for the sounds of BOBAFLEX... Southern angst and vocal melodies that you can't get out of your head, colliding with aggressive, yet smooth guitars and driving percussive beats that command you to move in unison with the music.

  • Rosco P Coldchain To release Young Roscoe Philaphornia

    posted on August 20, 2003

    Rhyme skills, a love for music and business savvy are in his blood. It's clear that at just 17, Roscoe has already established himself as a major hip-hop player, appearing on several soundtracks, a hard-hitting hip-hop compilation and the three crit...

  • Feenom Circle Exclusive Interview

    posted on August 19, 2003
    Feenom Circle

    Forget arbitrary borders between 'underground' and 'mainstream' - The Feenom Circle slashes them all with organic, intelligent, speaker-blowing ease. Bay Area crew The Feenom Circle comes at you with lyrical and rhythmic distinction destined for the ...

  • Ben Lee Exclusive Interview

    posted on August 19, 2003
    Ben Lee

    This is Ben Lee, warming up to the topic of 'Hey You, Yes You'. It is his fourth solo collection since 1993 when, at the age of 14, fronting the now legendary indy band Noise Addict, he broke out of his native Sydney, Australia. Updated: we d...

  • Chingy To release Jackpot

    posted on August 19, 2003

    Going on the road with Nelly in 2002 paid tremendous dividends for Chingy, the newest member of Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace family. The St. Louis rapper studied Nelly's every move and learned the ins and outs of artist promotion. "I watched how ...

  • Charlotte Martin Exclusive Interview

    posted on August 18, 2003
    Charlotte Martin

    From connecting her life's tales with her powerful lyrics, to her fans that see themselves in her songs, Martin is an extraordinary kind of songwriter that builds close ties with anyone who hears her music. Updated: we did an exclusive intervi...

  • DREAM To release Reality

    posted on August 17, 2003

    Holly Arnstein, Diana Ortiz, Ashley Poole, and Kasey Sheridan are living every girl's fantasy. They are the pop stars of Dream, who have emerged at the center of a whirlwind of spotlights, photo shoots, travel, and red carpets events. For these four ...

  • Nick Cannon To release Nick Cannon

    posted on August 16, 2003
    Nick Cannon

    At twenty-one years old, Nick Cannon is a successful rapper, songwriter, comedian, film star and executive producer of his very own hit Nickelodeon TV series (The Nick Cannon Show). Now he's ready for the next stage of his multi-faceted career with t...

  • Encore Exclusive Interview

    posted on August 15, 2003

    In a time when the bar on lyrical talent has seemingly been lowered through mass consumption and general apathy, Californian versifier Encore keeps his bar higher than a gold medal Olympian. His conscious content and fiery flow have won him praise in...

  • Sepultura To release Roorback

    posted on August 14, 2003

    Few bands have made as notable an impression as SEPULTURA. Blasting out of Brazil with 1985's Bestial Devastation EP, SEPULTURA quickly made quite a mark on the world of heavy metal. SEPULTURA are eagerly poised to unleash their latest testament to m...

  • Five Deez To release Kinkynasti

    posted on August 13, 2003
    Five Deez

    Back into the fifth dimension: After Five Deez set HipHop standards with "Koolmotor" in 2001, Fat Jon and Pase Rock's crew now follow up the debut album and the Japan-only release "Slow Children Playing" (2002): "Kinkynasti" is an impressive declarat...

  • Black Eyed Peas To release Elephunk

    posted on August 13, 2003
    Black Eyed Peas

    Ever since they were a fledgling group in the environs of Los Angeles, The Black Eyed Peas have flaunted a passionate, energetic hip-hop spirit people have always been drawn to. They've earned fans worldwide with their inventive approach to hip-hop m...

  • Blue October To release History For Sale

    posted on August 12, 2003
    Blue October

    Blue October has made it their life's work to probe below the surface, to expose the disfigured emotions behind the everyday masks. As the Texas-based band's new Brando/Universal album, HISTORY FOR SALE, makes clear, Blue October wields honesty like ...

  • VA To release American Wedding

    posted on August 11, 2003
    American Wedding

    The thrilling CLIMAX of the American Pie Saga, American Wedding is in theaters August 1st! With East Great Falls High now just a memory, the kids have grown into young adults ready to wreak havoc with a new rite of passage - Jim (Jason Biggs) and Mic...

  • Louis Logic To release Sin-O-Matic

    posted on August 8, 2003
    Louis Logic

    "My CD is diseased/please be cautious/cause each queasy chorus will leave you nauseous/each verse is equipped with evil forces/for teaching your kids how to be remorseless." On the heels of two successful do it yourself efforts (Music To Drink By and...

  • Anthony Hamilton To release Comin' From Where I'm From

    posted on August 8, 2003
    Anthony Hamilton

    Amid the scores of albums by contemporary soul brothers, Anthony Hamilton's beautiful Coming From Where I'm From is one of the few that actually captures the essence of soul's golden age in the late '60s and early '70s. Rich, gritty and sexy as hell,...

  • Tonedeff Exclusive Interview

    posted on August 7, 2003

    Tonedeff is best described as a Hip Hop purist - obsessed with musical alchemy to create a new aesthetic. Performing in and around New York City's esteemed underground scene, Tone gained notoriety as one of the most promising emcees to emerge in year...

  • Adema Adema

    posted on August 6, 2003

    Arista recording group Adema, who emerged as one of the success stories of 2002 with their top 15 Modern Rock track "The Way You Like It," has finished recording their second full-length album, UNSTABLE (titled for the lead single), which will arrive...

  • Junior Senior Junior Senior

    posted on August 6, 2003
    Junior Senior

    Meet Junior Senior, an unmistakable duo from the Jutland countryside of Northern Denmark, currently preparing for a full-scale invasion of your personal headspace. Together the pair have formed a unique bonding and shaped a sound that looks set to se...

  • Justin Guarini Justin Guarini

    posted on August 6, 2003
    Justin Guarini

    Most new artists would have trouble choosing the most memorable moment of a year in which they performed on a television show that drew 28 million viewers, landed a major label deal, did a sold-out nationwide tour, recorded a debut album and starred ...

  • Akrobatik To release Balance

    posted on August 4, 2003

    "I truly believe that one person's ideas can change the world. It's been done, with both wonderful and tragic results. I have devoted myself to trying to help change hip-hop and the perceived image of the black male for the better. Find your purpose ...

  • Chris Emerson Chris Emerson

    posted on August 4, 2003
    Chris Emerson

    CHRIS EMERSON's self-titled debut album can be found in the strangest places. The talented Boston-based singer-songwriter chuckles when asked about one of his most memorable moments in a fledging music career that is about to take full flight. "I got...

  • Billy Talent Billy Talent

    posted on August 4, 2003
    Billy Talent

    Punk rock inspired countless artists over the years, so isn't it time for a band to bring that inspiration back around? Blistering with energy, Billy Talent captures the spirit, attitude, and explosiveness that first launched rock's rebel cause. Thou...

  • ADEMA on the Road
  • Bad Boys II Soundtrack #1 for Third Consecutive Week
  • Bay Area HipHop Crew Feenom Circle Rip Van’s Warped Tour
  • BRIAN MCKNIGHT prepares to launch new members only club; Kicks off Up Close and Personal Fall Tour
  • Erykah Badu set to release new album WorldWide Underground on September 16th
  • GODSMACK Acoustic/Tribal Record Coming In November 2003
  • JEDI MIND TRICKS third album Visions of Gandhi in stores August 26, 2003
  • Motown Artist KEM Continues To Rise On Radio Charts
  • NAPPY ROOTS return with WOODEN LEATHER; hip-hop collective second Atlantic album features smash single ROUN THE GLOBE
  • NAPPY ROOTS Wooden Leather in stores Augustus 26
  • Sean P. Diddy Combs Bad Boys II Soundtrack Maintains #1 Position Four Weeks In A Row
  • T.I. lighting up crowds all over; Atalanta sensations TRAP MUZIK set for August 19th as 24s blows up at Radio
  • T.I. TRAP MUZIK crashes Billboard album chart at No. 4
  • takeoutMARKETING distributes gift bags to the performers, award winners and nominees for the 2003 Billboard R&B/HipHop Awards
  • Timbaland & Magoo New Album UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2 In Stores This Fall