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Fans of ethereal pop and artists such as Sarah, McLachlan, Enya, and Sarah Brightman should take notice of BLUE STONE. The Florida based act will have their new album, Messages, released on July 28th. The collection’s first single, the soothing yet pulsating “Wait for the Sun,” will also be released shortly. Blue Stone is an electronic-pop musical project formed by producer/programmer Robert Smith and producer/multi-instrumentalist Bill Walters. Musical interests from Pink Floyd, Jan Hammer, and William Orbit to Delerium, BT, and Afro Celt Sound System helped establish their collaborative efforts and invigorate fresh ideas. After 2 successful albums, Blue Stone are returning with Messages, which features memorable vocals from Sheyenne Rivers, Sara Bloomfield, and Samantha Sandlin.

Artist: Blue Stone
Title: Messages
Release date: 07/28/09
Label: Neurodisc Records
Single: Wait for the Sun
Blue Stone
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Blue Stone
Blue Stone, is a two-man producer driven outfit featuring the talents of writers / producers Robert Smith and Bill Walters. With the addition of diverse and contrasting vocal styles, that range from choral to pop to new age and chill-out to the indescribable, Blue Stone have amassed a quality and dedicated following as well as a strong foothold in a sub genre of so many other ‘genres.’ Emphasis is on the female voice.

The pure fact that the music has never been properly labeled says quite a bit in today’s music business; particularly if it is music people are purchasing. For Blue Stone the idea from their very first LP has been to avoid any preconception of what is ‘right or wrong’ and just go for it. Who says you can’t throw an opera singer in with a tribal beat as they did on their debut LP ‘Breathe?’ By taking vocals and layering them in harmonies and doing so in a dense fashion but never over-doing it and using it as instrumentation itself is one of several characteristics that sets Blue Stone apart from their contemporaries. With the release of ‘Worlds Apart,’ their second studio LP, Blue Stone set into motion a wind blown resurrection of their first recording as it set a nice pace for selling itself, it actually brought breath back to ‘Breathe.’ With the introduction of a formidable front woman in Sheyenne Rivers, it simultaneously allowed for the quiet development of future stars, Samantha Sandlin and Maura Hurley and without trying, lead to a trio of ‘front women’ all of which carried their own particular stick. They would soon add considerable talent to the mix with the development of music for their third LP which was already in the making. The new addition of Sara Bloomfield would turn out to be yet another shrewd move stylistically as she is literally the underdog, but very much a headliner in her contributions. The further development of Samantha Sandlin makes one believe the sky is truly the limit for her, and her ambitions. Of course, the return of Sheyenne Rivers was inevitable, and as would be expected she delivers the punch that no other can or does – and keeps her trademark style intact while holding firm the ground she kept on ‘Worlds Apart.’ Sheyenne was the face of the very visible “Worlds Apart” video, and the video itself was featured on some very notable sites like, etc., and would consequently bring tremendous attention to an otherwise niche and underground genre still fighting for its regular face. All this time, Blue Stone continued to record new music and find new voices.

On the latest and new studio LP ‘Messages,’ Blue Stone perhaps make it their business to put to use an abundant amount of true percussion, very often played by hand by Robert and Bill and the varying tonalities used in both the instruments and recording techniques of the percussive elements. The emphases on a heavy snare are not absent, and almost make them the Led Zeppelin of ‘Dream Pop’ (for the purpose of dramatic description)… This and the densely and artfully crafted vocal treatments will perhaps become the statement and thumbprint that Blue Stone will set down on this recording. Robert Smith is quite capable of playing far more instruments than are on display with Blue Stone, and one wonders when those others will creep in – for now, it would seem the purpose of this vehicle is not to show off how much musicianship one has, but rather, the harmony that exist in synergy, collaboration and partnership. A good example of their openness to work with others is their collaboration with Bridin Brennan, Enya’s youngest sister, and the effortless coming together of the two camps was almost surreal in its happenings.

Blue Stone are here to stay, and there’s not a lot to stop them at this point. It’s certainly not a contest for Robert and Bill, they are however, very cognizant of staying balanced and humble - the reality is if there were a musical rear view mirror Blue Stone would have a few other acts in theirs. It is in knowing this a drive exists that keeps them going. Its knowing that right behind them, another band of brother’s and/or sisters wants very much to own a piece of Blue Stone’s real estate. It’s the understanding of this that inspires these guys. There is virtually a line of who’s who electronic/dance vocalists waiting for a shot to work with Blue Stone – we’re sure Rob and Bill are aware of this, but they just as happily give the unknown the same look as the known. Sara Bloomfield is a perfect example of what happens when good intentions and good musicians get together. Blue Stone are Robert Smith & Bill Walters.

Blue Stone feature the following vocal contributors: Sheyenne Rivers, Sara Bloomfield, and Samantha Sandlin. Special appearances by others are featured on ‘Messages’ as well.

"Messages" by Blue Stone - release date: 07/28/09..

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