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I gave the song a listen and I like it. Let's see if it will grow on me. (July, 2008) Ahhh, here it is a classic. Although you might not see it that way, it is hehe. Anyway, don't sleep on this joint. Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.


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1. At 17:21 on 06 Oct 2005, sam3121 rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

ive had this song stuck in my head 4 the last week and i love it its awesome lol the only thing is you cant rlly sing it lol my gym class tried and we go sent down 2 the office ha good times

2. At 16:45 on 07 Oct 2005, hewholikespie rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

you just need practice to sing it.

3. At 16:55 on 15 Feb 2006, whazat rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

This song has been going through my head for weeks now. Feels good to hear it again. Really good.

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