Chatelaine to release Take a Line for a Walk

, Editor on August 16, 2010 | genre: pop

Toni Halliday of 90's shoegaze pioneers Curve has a new project called Chatelaine. Toni put a lot of love and work into these songs over a few years. As Chatelaine, Halliday is as bewitching as Tori Amos and as glam as Goldfrapp. Co-written with Louise Dowd over a three-year period and mixed with help from Alan Moulder, the album Take a Line for a Walk unflinchingly exposes Halliday's soul and imagination to unconventional instrumentation, meshing ethereal beats and diaphanous harmonies.

Artist: Chatelaine
Title: Take a Line for a Walk
Release date: 08/16/10
Label: ---------
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Echoes of mystical troubadours Brian Wilson, David Crosby, Neil Young, Mark Hollis ripple through thickets of clicks and strings. It also includes remixes of "Broken Bones" by chillwave darling Kurt Feldmen (Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Depreciation Guild) and legendary new wave producer Flood.

Their respective versions of "Broken Bones" showcase Halliday's ability to merge her experience as a rock n roll songwriter with an indie-pop sensibility. Like Cortney Tidwell transformed by Ewan Pearson, Dot Allison electro-fied by Keith Tenniswood, and Tracey Thorn amplified by every knob jockey in the game, Chatelaine's pairing with Feldman and Flood infuses electronica with visceral melodics reminiscent of Halliday's dark groove peers Massive Attack, Portishead, My Bloody Valentine. Rough-hewn, lived-in and yet dreamy, Halliday's lyricism retains the acoustic urgency of pagan chants filtered for a futuristic generation.

When Madonna teamed up with William Orbit for Ray of Light, music lovers held their collective breath in anticipation of the ultimate pop breakthrough - an electronic album with commercial appeal and creative personal depth. Chatelaine's Take a Line for a Walk, comes closer to fulfilling the promise of an album that is intimate, experimental, radio-friendly and critically sound.

Take a Line for a Walk Tracklisting
1. Broken Bones
2. Oh Daddy
3. Life Remains
4. Stripped Out
5. Shifting Sands
6. Killing the Feeling
7. Take a Line for a Walk
8. Head To Head
9. Seen and Lost
10. Broken Bones (Depreciation Guild Remix)
11. Broken Bones (Flood Remix)

"Take a Line for a Walk" by Chatelaine - release date: 08/16/10..

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