Copywrite Does The Right Thing On Fourth Album

by , Editor on January 14, 2012 | genre: hiphop

Last year Copywrite re-released his debut album 'The High Exhaulted' which dates back to 2002. It has been a decade and naturally a new album "God Save The King" has to be released to celebrate this fact. Of course he had his own ups and downs like anybody else but with such a fantastic discography one can only wish for.

On his new album he continues where he left of with 'The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson'. His honesty and keeping true to his art form he proves that one can reach the masses and yet maintaining true to the game.

He teams up with rappers (such as Rockness Monstah, Evidence, Roc Marciano, Casual and Mac Lethal) and producers (such as RJD2, Stu Bangas, Bronze Nazareth, Jason Rose, etc...). Just four days ago he uploaded the single 'Swaggot Killaz' f/ Jakki Da Motamouth which is a great track using tight scratches and a lot of great hip-hop samples. Listen to the song below.

Artist: Copywrite
Title: God Save The King
Release date: 02/28/12
Label: Man Bites Dog Records
Buy at: Amazon

Most artists lack the dexterity to make a shift such as the one Copywrite has embarked upon, but this is not an issue for him. No matter the topic, Copy stays to true his art form and offers plenty of proof that he is still one of the great wordsmiths in the industry today. “God Save The King” is an intimately honest record filled with deep concepts like “Talk With Jesus” and the RJD2 produced “Synesthesia.” Classic Hip-hop tracks still abound, such as “Golden State (Of Mind)” with Evidence, Roc Marciano and Casual and “White Democrats” with Mac Lethal. Copywrite broadens his horizons on collaborations with fellow Man Bites Dog Records artist Jason Rose, who produced and sang on the pop slanted “J.O.Y” featuring Torae and the Dire Straits cover song “Yo! MTV Raps! (Money for Nothing)”; both of these tracks cast a wider net than Copywrite has aimed for in the past.

With “God Save the King” Copywrite delivers another brutally honest record that reaches for new creative heights with all of the crazy punch lines, deep metaphors, true wordsmithing and all of the technical razzle dazzle anyone could ever ask for.

God Save The King Tracklisting
1.) “Post-Apocalyptic Request Box” (produced by Jason Rose)
2.) “Love” f/ Tage Future of MHz (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
3.) “Swaggot Killaz” f/ Jakki Da Motamouth
4.) “Mouth of MHz” (produced by !llmind)
5.) “Sorrow” f/ Illogic & Don Jaga (produced by Stu Bangas)
6.) “Man Made” f/ Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah (produced by Jason Rose)
7.) “J.O.Y.” f/ Jason Rose & Torae (produced by Jason Rose)
8.) “Union Rights” f/ MHz (produced by Khrysis)
9.) “Yo! MTV Raps! (Money for Nothing)” f/ Jason Rose (produced by Jason Rose)
10.) “Blue Ribbon” (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
11.) “Miracle” (produced by S.G. on the Traxxx)
12.) “G$K” (produced by Stu Bangas)
13.) “Workahol” (produced by Stu Bangas)
14.) “White Democrats” f/ Mac Lethal (produced by Jason Rose)
15.) “Golden State (Of Mind)” f/ Evidence, Roc Marciano & Casual (produced by Vanderslice)
16.) “Synesthesia” (produced by RJD2)
17.) “Got to Make It” f/ Tage Future (produced by Stu Bangas)
18.) “Talk With Jesus” (produced by Poetiq Beetz)

"God Save The King" by Copywrite - release date: 02/28/12..

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