Da Enterourage to release Entourage 2

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It's 12:00 a.m. in Lafayette, Louisiana. The DJ scopes out the crowded club and is ready to make the lethargic partygoers rush to the dance floor. Using Da Entourage's new single the "Bunny Hop" as his selected weapon of choice, the DJ spins the record, causing the crowd to vacate their seats and the party to get started.

Artist: Da Entourage
Title: Entourage 2
Release date: 06/5/03
Label: Universal
Single: Bunny Hop
Da Enterourage
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Da Entourage, consisting of cousins Toemas and Alley Cat, and their childhood friend, Bunny B, have been making a name for themselves for over two years. Their 2001 debut album, Entourage 1, released independently on the Lafayette, Louisiana-based record company, Red Boy Records, created a buzz and catalyzed the success of their sophomore album, Entourage 2. Their contagious energy and catchy hooks began to spread like wildfire and caused the albums to sell more than 30,000 copies locally. In addition to their increasing sales, they managed to garner heavy rotation in seven major radio markets such as New Orleans, Little Rock, and Dallas. In March of 2003, Universal Records took notice of their success and signed the group.

Their new hit single the "Bunny Hop" is a certified club-banger that can even motivate wallflowers to move to the dance floor. With its melodic hook and infectious rhythm, the track is easily becoming one of the most popular bounce records to reach national appeal. Similar to the Electric Slide, the "Bunny Hop" is an energetic line dance consisting of basic movements easy enough for everyone to catch on. "It's a dance for people of all ages and races," says member Bunny B, "We make music that just makes people want to move. It's for everybody."

Quickly becoming the latest popular dance craze, the trio is looking forward to its national release. "We want everyone to be doing the "Bunny Hop," explains Alley Cat. "We want to see people from California, New York, Ohio, and just everybody representing that Louisiana bounce flavor."

With a versatility that goes farther than dance music, the group says their new album can be compared to a metaphorical gumbo. "We have a little bit of everything on this album," states Toemas. "We can make you dance, and then turn around and kick lyrics that are gangsta." The new album features their dynamic range and thematic variety, showing that the "Bunny Hop" is just the beginning.

"We want to be respected as entertainers," Bunny B muses about their entrance into the hip-hop industry. "We want people to dance and enjoy themselves while keeping the violence down. We just want to take the "Bunny Hop" around the world."

Entourage 2 Tracklisting
1. La Da Da performed by Entourage - 4:04

2. Hood on da Map performed by Entourage - 3:52

3. Win Sum Luse Sum performed by Entourage - 3:57

4. Epod performed by Entourage - 3:53

5. Bad Mutha performed by Entourage - 4:09

6. Get Ya Hustle On performed by Entourage - 4:52

7. Aint Gone Do S! $T performed by Entourage - 4:13

8. Da Boot performed by Entourage - 4:58

9. Let's Get da Party Started performed by Entourage - 3:55

10. Ahh Huh performed by Entourage - 3:28

11. Bunny Hop performed by Entourage - 3:56

12. Wanna Woman (Toemas) performed by Entourage - 4:11

13. Bunny Hop [Remix] performed by Entourage - 3:34

"Entourage 2" by Da Entourage - release date: 06/5/03..

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