Denizen Kane released Tree City Legends Vol. II

by , Editor on December 4, 2005 | genre: hiphop

Recorded over a year and a half span, Denizen Kane presents his brand new work “Tree City Legends: Vol. II”. This album is the sound of an on-the-run poet throwing pages over his shoulder. Subtitled “My Bootleg Life”, this long-awaited second installment bloomed in bursts of spontaneity.

Artist: Denizen Kane
Title: Tree City Legends Vol. II
Release date: 12/6/05
Label: Galapagos4
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Denizen Kane
Denizen Kane is a poet and musician born and raised in Tree City. He is one of the founders of spoken word quartet I Was Born With Two Tongues and also performed on three seasons of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Jam. In 2000 Denizen co-founded Typical Cats, a Chicago based hip hop collective who have released two LPs through indie imprint Galapagos4. Kane made his mark as a solo artist in 2002, with an EP entitled “Tree City Legends”. His newest LP, “Tree City Legends Volume 2”, furthers his reputation as a precocious lyricist, style innovator, and great storyteller-in-the-making.

"Lost," an elegiac ode to memory, sprang out of producer Alo's sweeping string-centered beat. A whirlwind session with Mestizo, Chicago graff heavyweight Dymz, SF’s Olive Green collective and a scorching Kip Killagain beat yielded the anthemic "Patriot Act." Other compositions such as "Killa Killa" (a tube amp banger produced by Maker) were captured in notebooks between New York and Tokyo. New school rally-rockers like "Amerika Dub" (featuring Chicago's Avery R. Young's cataclysmic vocals) are the sounds of urban explosion, new protest music. Amidst the passion, Kane does not forget the quieter hushed moments. With acoustic guitar as the backbone, "When I see Him," is a song that solemnly reflects on fragments of emotion.

A record of a year in tumult—the world spins out of orbit, the body counts rise, the underground is restless… Welcome back to Tree City.

Kane has toured from New York to Tokyo to Los Angeles, and performed with such underground luminaries as the Visionaries, Living Legends, and J-Live. He continues to create, experiment, build, and break away. Tree City Legends Never Die.

Tree City Legends Vol. II Tracklisting

1. Kill Killa (feat. Mestizo)
2. Patriot Act
3. Rising Son
4. Junie's Song click to listen
5. Years Peel Back
6. Anotherlife
7. Lost click to listen
8. Lastchild Speaks
9. Amerika Dub (feat. Avery R. Young)
10. When I See Him

"Tree City Legends Vol. II" by Denizen Kane - release date: 12/6/05..

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