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Straight from 'down under,' FULL SCALE will be hitting clubs across America giving fans a glimpse of their infectious...

Artist: Full Scale
Title: Full Scale
Release date: 03/8/05
Label: Columbia
Full Scale
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Full Scale


live show by playing tracks from their highly anticipated
self-titled debut album, coming out March 8 on Columbia Records.
Teaming up with (hed)pe, FULL SCALE is ready to let fans "Feel It" and "Party Political" as they pound through states on their first U.S. tour.FULL SCALE
is: Ezekiel Ox (vocals), Crutey (drums), Jimmy Tee (guitars), and
Robkaay (bass, vocals). Formed in Perth, Western Australia, in 2000,
delivered a brain-bending groundbreaking performance at the "Big Day
Out - Perth" festival and then made an immediate move to Melbourne to
greatly impact the Aussie music scene.
With just weeks left till the release, FULL SCALE is already receiving critical acclaim. Check out what Metal Edge and Kerrang! have to say:

      the true genius of Full Scale isn't a single song, influence or style,
      it's the masterful savvy that marries the music to the lyrics, the
      sound to the vision, and the results to the listener. Full Scale don't
      follow the rules, they rewrite them, and the results are nothing short
      of revolutionary. Everything you know about music is wrong. "
      Regime change is a state of mind." Let the re-education begin"
      - Metal Edge (March 2005)

      Scale are a whirlwind of personality and politics…a band who can make a
      political statement one second and command you to wave your hands in
      the air the next."

      - Kerrang!

was recorded at NRG Studios in Hollywood with producer Jay Baumgardner
(Helmet, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Alien Ant Farm) and engineers John
Ewing (Korn, Linkin Park) and Forrester Savell (who first worked with
FULL SCALE on the group's "Black Arrows" and "White Arrows" EPs in 2003); Savell and the members of FULL SCALE served as co-producers on the album. By 2002, FULL SCALE
had signed to the group's own independent label, Popstar Records, and
began recording the band's first EP. Over the next two years,
FULL SCALE toured extensively, sharing bills with The Butterfly Effect, Cog, Evanescence, Sevendust, Sunk Loto and others. FULL SCALE
quickly began drawing swells of rabid fans to the band's propulsive
live shows across the East Coast of Australia as well as earning an
ALMA Award for "Best Live Emerging Act in Victoria."
2003, the group released two independent EPs through Popstar Records,
"White Arrows" and "Black Arrows," which were heavily played by the
internationally-known alternative radio outlet Triple J Radio.
FULL SCALE's breakthrough single, "Party Political," debuted at #7 and reached the #2 slot after several weeks on Triple J's Net 50.


EZEKIEL OX - vocalsJIMMY TEE - guitarROBKAAY - bassCRUTEY - drums

once in a long while, a band comes along that allows us to reaffirm our
faith in a higher musical power. There was Faith No More in the late
'80s, Tool and Korn in the early-'90s, and System Of A Down a few years
later. Now, prepared to take their place amidst those that have
reinvented the genre before them, we have Full Scale, a
revolutionarily-uptight outfit from Australia that have left Down Under
to give America a much-needed working over.
a flag flying upside-down on Sunset Blvd., and I take that as a really
clear sign," says Ezekiel "Zeke" Ox, the radically overwhelming
frontman of Full Scale. While a flag flying upside-down may not mean
much to the hundreds of thousands of tourists that pass by its
Hollywood, CA, street, to the outspoken Aussie, it's a call to arms,
and an affirmation that four years of focused vision and precision
songcrafting have finally come to fruition. "An upside-down flag is a
sign that help is needed from the outside," he continues, barely taking
a breath, "There are two sides in this country, and they actually act
to divide the people that they need to unite. 'United We Stand'?
Bullshit! It's red verses blue, and now is the time to try harder to
unify, mobilize and organize the working classes of this country."
no mistake, the members of Full Scale are musicians, not politicians,
and their pulpit is a stage, not a podium. Especially in Los Angeles,
Full Scale's new base of operations, that upside-down flag could just
as easily be a cry for help from the music industry as it is a
political statement. Either way, the Aussie quartet are here to answer
the call. "We're bringing something completely different to the table,"
says guitarist Jimmy Tee. "We don't sound like any of the bands we've
seen on the scene lately, and that's why we were brought here. I don't
see how we can be restrained."
Full Scale, and any semblance of restraint is unequivocally shattered.
The tracks that constitute the quartet's self-titled debut are more
than songs, they're mission statements. Shell casings rattle the cage
of opening track "Empty Texas" ("
If this was Texas then I'd have a gun and he'd get some…"
), Tool-esque dimensions adorn the epic "16 Today" (penned from the
perspective of a teenage refugee held captive by the country they hoped
to escape to), a bombastic, Rage Against The Machine-bred, backbeat
bitch-slap shakes "Party Political" ("
Are you scared yet? Will you take this?"),
"The Heimlich Manoeuvre" delivers a sexually-driven assault, battery
and discharge, and a swirling, ethereal epicenter of groove-laden fists
of rage fuel "The Sickness" ("
So raise your voice up high, and scream your war cry, say 'I'm too young to die,' for this rich man's lie"). The thoughts are as revolutionary as the music. And the message is as powerful as the band that delivers it. "Some
of the songs are definitely angry, but there's a wide spectrum of
emotions on the album, and the themes running through them all lead to
a single path affecting positive change," says drummer Crutey. "The
beautiful part of this revolution is, it's a global struggle. The
lessons we draw are international," Zeke continues. "Capitalism is
destroying the world the same way in Australia, as it is in America.
The lessons we learn locally are the same shit, with a different smell.
At the moment, our complication is how to communicate with people.
We're not out here to offend, and we're not out here to piss people
off. It's not about telling people that they're fuckwits for voting a
certain way, it's about convincing them that they've been fooled by a
whole ruling system." Adds bassist Robkaay, "There's only an illusion
of choice in the world."
But with the release of Full Scale,
the freedom of choice again returns to the true ruling class. We, the
people. One of the most rabidly infectious debuts of the new
millennium, the album rattles the senses with a curious familiarity
unheard of in a musical era overrun by cloned sounds and unsatisfying
live shows. Full Scale are as unsettling as they are invigorating, and
as radically adhesive as they are fundamentally confrontational. The
true genius of Full Scale isn't a single song, influence or style, it's
the masterful savvy that marries the music to the lyrics, the sound to
the vision, and the results to the listener.
in late 2000 in Perth, Australia, Full Scale had their sights set on
America from day one, and every move they made was a means to that end.
Jimmy Tee, Robkaay and Crutey are Perth natives, and Zeke was there
studying musical theater when he responded to the guitarist's ad
looking for a singer. The rhythm section joined soon after, and the
band's first move was driving 4,500 miles across their homeland and
relocating in Melbourne, the nation's musical hotbed. The chemistry was
immediate, and they toured nonstop, recording two self-funded EPs and
releasing them on their own record label, Popstar Records. The EPs
became the foundation for their Columbia Records debut, and they
mastered their craft on the road, opening nationwide tours for acts as
widespread as Evanescence and Sevendust while fine-tuning their live
show into one of the most engrossing experiences in modern rock. When a
business associate sent their EPs to producer Jay Baumgardner [Helmet,
Papa Roach, Sevendust], he was so impressed by the band's raw, visceral
energy, that he agreed to produce their album for free, then shop the
band to American labels. The rest, is history in the making.
isolation of Australia breeds a really healthy contempt," says the
frontman. "We were convinced that we were going to do well, and we were
convinced that we had the ability to take it to the next level. But
there is always that little nagging in the back of your mind,
especially being in Australia that we may never get discovered. This a
very exciting time in the band's history, because we're kicking down
the door to something that we've always wanted to achieve. But, there's
also a really healthy twist in our stomach knowing that we're that
close to reaching that many people and affecting a positive social
change in the world. We're like a wound spring that can't wait to
Scale don't follow the rules, they rewrite them, and the results are
nothing short of revolutionary. Everything youknow about music is
wrong. "
Regime change is a state of mind." Let the re-education begin.

"Full Scale" by Full Scale - release date: 03/8/05..

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