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New hot single from 50 Cent's G-Unit featuring R'n'B singer Joe!

I have read positive feedback about this song and we have to agree. Ahhh, here it is a classic. Although you might not see it that way, it is hehe. Anyway, don't sleep on this joint. Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.


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8 comments so far

1. At 21:50 on 12 Mar 2004, Beland rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

this song fuckin kicks ass!!!!!!!!!! i love G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. At 00:37 on 23 Mar 2004, nya rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

Yeah this song is that shit though! This is like my favorite song right now! HOLLA 'ATCHA GIRL!!!

3. At 05:41 on 28 Mar 2004, YeahYeahYeah rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

this song is off da hook

4. At 18:17 on 30 Mar 2004, Elven-Chick rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

This song is great! Very catchy. I wern't dat interested in it @ 1st but now I hink it's 1 of d best songs!

5. At 02:01 on 18 Apr 2004, unbreakable1 rates it:4 of 5 stars and wrote:

this song is pretty smooth

6. At 17:05 on 15 Jun 2004, bjm rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

This song fuck tight the fucking beat is off the chain nigga

7. At 01:46 on 23 Jun 2004, freakaleak1 rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

whats pi pi pimpin on a handstand yea i said pimpin on a handstand but newayz back to the song every body knows that g-unit is unstoppable but with joe they doin BIG things but the song is off the chain and u bedda kno it

8. At 00:54 on 27 Jun 2004, T-HOOD rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

I love this song And YOUNG BUCK is OFF THA HOOK. I LOVE G-UNIT.

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