Godsmack to release The Oracle

, Editor on March 4, 2010 | genre: rock

Multi-platinum selling artist Godsmack are preparing to release their highly anticipated album, The Oracle. With two consecutive number one albums on the Billboard Top 200 (Faceless and IV) and their latest single "Cryin' Like A Bitch" rapidly climbing the charts, this is one album you do not want to miss.

Artist: Godsmack
Title: The Oracle
Release date: 05/4/10
Label: Republic/Universal Records
Single: Cryin' Like A Bitch
Buy at: Amazon

Drummer, Shannon Larkin describes the sound of The Oracle as much more like the band's self-titled album, "It's going to be a monster. The drums sound incredible, Sully Erna's voice is on fireā€¦ it's gonna be much more like the first record; much heavier, with simple, catchy guitar-driven riffs."

To build anticipation for The Oracle's May 4th release, Godsmack has unveiled a series of webisode's titled "The Making Of The Oracle," which follows the band through the recording process of their first studio album in four years. In the latest installment, the band takes their fans inside the studio and gives them an exclusive peek at two new tracks titled, "What If" and "Forever Shamed." But gears quickly shift from music to sports when front man Sully decides to place a friendly wager on a New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints football game with producer/engineer Jeremy.

"The Oracle" by Godsmack - release date: 05/4/10..

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