Ingrid Michaelson Is Human Again On 5th Album

by , Editor on November 16, 2011 | genre: pop

After three years Ingrid Michaelson is back with her first new single "Ghost" on which she shows her passion for romance. It is being released two months before the release of her fifth album 'Human Again' on January 24th, 2012. For this album she worked with producer David Kahne who previously worked with Regina Spektor and Paul McCartney.

She has worked longer then usual on her new album compared to previous albums (1 a 2 years work). This is due to the fact that her life has been on a rough path to which it will come as no surprise that this album might surprise some fans.

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Title: Human Again
Release date: 01/24/12
Label: Cabin 24 Records/Mom+Pop Music
Single: Ghost
Ingrid Michaelson
Buy at: Amazon

Ingrid Michaelson
Before the release she will perform her annual 'Holiday Hop' concert on December 10th at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg. The show has already been sold-out but you will be able to watch her perform on the 85th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade airing live on NBC.

Michaelson’s music, often about love and relationships, has wafted out of televisions across the world in handfuls of Grey’s Anatomy episodes (not to mention countless other series since such as American Idol, Parenthood, and So You Think You Can Dance), in an affecting Google Chrome ad, on VH1 as an artist “You Outta Know” and, most recently, the trailer for the award-winning film Like Crazy. The New York Times marveled that she was “singing her way from obscurity to fame.” Billboard trumpeted her as the face of the new music business. NPR declared, “Ingrid Michaelson is everywhere.”

"Human Again" by Ingrid Michaelson - release date: 01/24/12..

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