Released:May 14, 2008
Added on:05/17/2008
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Classic Iron Maiden song "Run to the Hills" has been re-re-re-re-released ;-) by EMI Records. This time it is added to a greatest hits album entitled "Somewhere Back In Time" which is in stores now!

I gave the song a listen and I like it. Let's see if it will grow on me. (May, 2008) Ahhh, here it is a classic. Although you might not see it that way, it is hehe. Anyway, don't sleep on this joint. Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.

Iron Maiden

2 comments so far

1. At 06:49 on 07 Jul 2008, wolflett rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

opps and i rate it an 5 lol :)

2. At 07:01 on 07 Jul 2008, wolflett rates it:not rated

well old but i like it :)

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