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The debut album from Jeffree Star - Mrs. Orange County, self-proclaimed boyfriend thief, and Queen of the Beautifuls - an internet phenomenon turned into a real life success story. His big breaks may have been fortuitous, but his rise to fame has been anything but coincidental. Jeffree Star works his ass off. "Beauty Killer" comes out via Jeffree's own Popsicle Records (through Warner's Independent Label Group). Jeffree's recent headlining tour was completely sold out and while on Warped this summer he attracted never ending lines at his singings, lasting up to four hours daily. The lead single, "Prisoner" is undeniably catchy and has the ability to seduce anyone vulnerable to a fist-pumping electro-rock anthem. For those who dig them some Lady GaGa, Boy George, Cobra Starship, Katy Perry, Marilyn Manson or 3OH!3, this is for you.

Artist: Jeffree Star
Title: Beauty Killer
Release date: 09/22/09
Label: Popsicle Records
Single: Prisoner
Jeffree Star
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Jeffree Star
JEFFREE STAR is set to unleash his debut album, BEAUTY KILLER, late this summer. The first single, "Prisoner," debuted on MySpace on Friday and received almost 500,000 plays over the weekend. "Prisoner" now available on iTunes here. JEFFREE STAR is confirmed for the first half of this summer's Vans Warped Tour and will follow that up with a national headlining tour in support of BEAUTY KILLER.

JEFFREE STAR is currently putting the finishing touches on BEAUTY KILLER in Los Angeles. He's working with a number of different producers including Lester Mendez (Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado), Luke Walker (Alkaline Trio, Elliott Yamin) and 3OH!3's Nathaniel Motte. Confirmed guest vocalists include Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, Nicki Minaj (Lil' Wayne's Young Money Entertainment) and Danger Radio.

What started as an obsession with music has now become JEFFREE STAR's reality. Three years ago, Jeffree was quickly gaining recognition for his make up artistry and modeling. People became obsessed with him and an online phenomenon was born. Jeffree always likes experimenting. He would write down some crazy verses, have a friend make a beat and toss rough songs up on MySpace to get a reaction. And that was how it started. Jeffree has always had a passion for music. He's dreamed of being a performer. He's come a very long way in the last three years and is now ready for the world to hear what he's been working on. BEAUTY KILLER will be out this summer on Jeffree's own label, Popsicle Records through Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group.

"I can't wait for you all to hear BEAUTY KILLER - I'm really proud of it. I think even people who "HATE JEFFREE STAR!!" will secretly listen to enjoy "Prisoner" and wish they didn't like a Jstar track. Is the industry ready to take me seriously? We will have to wait and see! "Prisoner" is just the beginning! All the love and all the hate has motivated me so much and I can't wait to start playing all these new songs on tour over the summer." - JEFFREE STAR

Jeffree Star biography
“When I was in 12th grade, it was never my goal to do anything,” says Jeffree Star, smoothing out his hot pink ponytail. “I started taking mortuary classes for putting make-up on dead people. Everyone annoyed me so I thought, ‘Oh cool, they can’t talk.” I was an angry goth kid four or five years ago.”

That was then.

Over 70 million music plays and 68 million profile views on his Myspace. Nearly 56,000 followers on Twitter and well over 1 million Myspace friends. Sold-out headlining tours of the U.S. and the U.K. in 2008 with one of the year’s highest merchandise sales numbers at retail. His first EP, Plastic Surgery Slumber Party, hit #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts, while his last EP, Cupcakes Taste Like Violence, reached #6 on Billboard’s Electronic Albums Chart. A reality TV show and signature make-up and fragrance lines are in the works.

This is now.

Jeffree Star is lying on his light pink bed, his back propped up against his pink pillows that rest against the pink walls of his bedroom. His extensively long frame is book-ended by two brand new Louis Vuitton bags; one fuchsia Scuba and one silver Vernis Alma. In front of him is his white MacBook, on which he maintains perpetual contact with his ever-growing legion of fans. In his handbag, two tasers and a hot pink mace gun to keep his ever-growing legion of haters in check. And when he lifts a perfectly drawn pink eyebrow to accentuate an “Mhm,” dozens of black, shaded eyes stare with him: Katharine Hepburn, Sharon Tate, JonBenét Ramsey, Hannibal Lecter, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Wednesday Adams, Elizabeth Taylor, “Black Dhalia” Elizabeth Short, Matthew Shepard, Edward Scissorhands, and Jeffree’s grandmother, grandfather, and mother. These are just 14 of his 65 tattoos, not counting the dripping ice cream cone on his neck with the word Delicious written out in cursive.

“I hate it when people ask me about what I’m going to do when I get older,” he sighs, looking down at his arms. “I’m gonna have 80 million tattoos and be old and wrinkly.” He pauses, then purses his lips into a smile. “Or I’ll have 90 facelifts and look fierce.”

Jeffree Star—Mrs. Orange County, self-proclaimed boyfriend thief, and Queen of the Beautifuls—is a walking canvas; a non-drinking, non-smoking scorpio who’d sacrifice a freshly applied, $50 pedicure to put his foot up your ass, should the occasion call for it. His big breaks may have been fortuitous, but his rise to fame has been anything but coincidental.

Applying cover-up and lip gloss to Hustler porn stars by day, Star would hit the L.A. clubs at night, fake ID in hand. A chance meeting with Kelly Osbourne led to a red carpet make-up gig, and two days later Star was on a plane with Osbourne to the Brit Awards. More high paying make-up gigs followed, as did numerous club appearances. One night, at the home of former Hole drummer and current Chelsea Girl Samantha Maloney, Star decided to rap a few verses over some simple ghetto-tech beats, then throw them up on his Myspace “as a joke.” Some of the songs that came out of that late-night session: “We Want Cunt,” “Straight Boys,” and “Ice Cream.”

“My last shit was very bright, all about candy and desserts,” says Star. “I just wanted to flip it and show the other side of me, because not many people give that side a chance. I’m really obsessed with serial killers and psychology, but not everyone wants to hear that. Everyone wants to hear about how I shop all the time. No one wants to hear about my alcoholic family and how my cousins are in jail because of meth.”

With tracks produced by Ultra Violet Sound, Nathaniel Motte (3OH3!), Lester Mendez (Shakira, Nelly Furtado), Luke Walter (Limp Bizkit), Nico Hartikainen (Danger Radio), and others, Beauty Killer is a blaring, all-out onslaught of rock, pop, and electro. Brash, unapologetic tracks like “Fresh Meat” and “Getting Away With Murder” are written by someone who’s spent the last four years of his life in fast-forward, throwing drinks and getting kicked out of clubs at night, then in the morning, responding to emails from pre-teen boys whose fathers have kicked them out of the house for coming out of the closet; two sides of his personality that Jeffree blends together as effortlessly as he blends his cosmetics. “Electric Sugar Pop” and “Lollipop Luxury” (featuring Nicki Minaj) drip with sticky sweetness, while “Love Rhymes With Fuck You” is a JStar love song dedicated to everyone who wants the best of both worlds...between the sheets. Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba guests on “Louis Vuitton Body Bag,” while Breathe Carolina stand in on the tongue-in-cheek “Fame & Riches, Rehab Bitches.” But it’s the first single, “Prisoner,” that defines Star’s personal and musical growth. “I got no regrets,” he shouts over a driving, distorted 4/4 beat, while an army of guitars slices over the chorus like an eight-inch carving knife. It’s a song about experiencing love through pain, which seems to be the only kind of love Jeffree has known. But that’s what happens when you’ve got enough Myspace fans to match the population of San Francisco, but enough close friends to count on one hand.

“There are so many rumors going around about my gender, my sexuality, and my persona that it keeps me busy,” says Star. “I love being a guy, but I also love fashion and make-up. I never wanted to get a sex change and be a full woman. I’m just fascinated by the idea of changing your appearance with a few make-up brushes and hair dye. Beauty Killer is my way of saying ‘fuck you’ to what everyone’s idea of what beauty stands for.

With a new album, new producers, and a new label, Jeffree Star’s future is as bright as the hair on his head, and if he gets his way—and he usually does—he’s going to change more than just people’s perception of beauty. He’s going to change everything you thought you knew about Jeffree Star.

"Beauty Killer" by Jeffree Star - release date: 09/22/09..

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