Joe Brooks to release Superman

, Editor on May 26, 2010 | genre: pop

Meet a refreshing change to pop music, Joe Brooks. Sure he could melt the hearts of girls around the world, but this musical stunner has been carefully honing his craft for the past six years.

Brooks first found his love of music at the young age of 16. He was a typical teen living in Southampton, England, and enjoyed playing soccer and tennis. After his mother took him to see the Australian blues musician Derrin Hauendorf, Joe was inspired to learn guitar and create his own material.

Artist: Joe Brooks
Title: Superman
Release date: Unknown
Label: indie
Joe Brooks
Buy at: Amazon

Joe Brooks
Influenced by artists like Damien Rice, Rob Thomas and Jack Johnson, Joe wrote songs and posted them on MySpace. Before he knew it, he was the UK's highest ranked unsigned artist, receiving over 30,000 plays a day of songs he recorded in his bedroom. After getting offers from various labels, Brooks landed a management deal and signed to Lava/Republic in 2009.

Unlike many artists who are hyped and buzzed about online, there isn't a gimmick to Brooks’ success.The secret seems to be his dedicating complete focus to his music first. Fans all over the world have responded and connected with his songs such as first single, "Superman," which has almost 10 million MySpace plays to date. And as his online fan base continues to grow (now closing in on 20 million MySpace plays overall), there is apparently a real world connection: his first two UK tours, 16 dates total, sold out, without the help of a label or publisher.

Written over three years and recorded in Los Angeles and England, in everywhere from state of the art recording studios to a garage apartment, Brooks' upcoming release is the culmination of his musical efforts. Covering elements of rock, pop, and blues, Brooks’ recorded music reflects his own personal tastes from John Mayer to Ray Charles. But above all else Brooks is a born-performer and must be witnessed live to really understand his vision and art.

Certainly some people have taken his boyish good looks and tried to slot him into a specific scene but Brooks finds joy in challenging people's ideas of who he is or what he is about. What he wants is a chance to introduce himself to the world as the person he is. If Joe was able to gain thousands of fans as unsigned artist there should be no limit to what he can do once his major label debut is released this Summer.


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