Released:March 10, 2009
Added on:08/18/2009
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Generating a great deal of early buzz, new artist Jonny Diaz sings about the true beauty of God's unique purpose.

I gave the song a listen and have to admit that it is a nice song. Okay, finally an oldie and classic song. This song will never leave the airwaves so bookmark this single. Never forget..Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.

Jonny Diaz

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When Jonny Diaz headed off to Florida State University on a baseball scholarship in the fall of 2002, he was prepared to focus his time and efforts on his athletic skills. However, God had other plans and He began a work in Jonny’s life that led him to put down his bat and g(...) Jonny Diaz: Stand for You