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California based hip-hop/punk rock hybrid are sitting high on their own musical cloud of stoney vibrations. After breaking the Billboard Top 40 with no support from radio or MTV with their last studio album, Koast To Koast, the Kings showed the world why they are one of the biggest success stories in independent music today. The group’s headlining tours through the US and Japan were completely sold out, they finally landed on the cover of High Times Magazine, headlined the 2006 installment of the Cannabis Cup and capped things off by becoming the High Times “Band of the Year.

Artist: Kottonmouth Kings
Title: Cloud 9
Release date: 08/28/07
Label: Suburban Noize
Kottonmouth Kings
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Kottonmouth Kings
On August 28th, 2007, The Kottonmouth Kings are looking to get a little higher with the release of Cloud 9. The group’s ninth studio album features 22 songs of musical mayhem that continues to push the group into uncharted territories.

"We really stepped it up on Cloud 9. We felt we needed to make a statement and take it to the next level," says frontman Brad X. "As we continue to evolve we don’t need to reinvent ourselves, we just magnify ourselves and continue to expand who we are and what we do. Cloud Nine is a more intense record but the climate of our world is more intense."

Cloud 9 also features some high-profile guest appearances from Cypress Hill's B-Real on "Ridin' High" and Sen Dog on "Darkside,” and "Think 4 Yourself" featuring Insane Clown Posse. The album also includes an appearance by Tech N9ne on “City 2 City,” which has already become one of the most requested songs on Sirius Satellite Radio FACTION channel, while the video for the track has been viewed over 150,000 times within a month of its release.

"I think it's the sickest adventure yet for Kottonmouth Kings," Daddy X says of the group's ninth studio album. "Musically, there's some sinister hip-hop stuff on there," Daddy X said of the album. "There are definitely some real mellow, stoney songs on there. And then there are some rip-hop songs, where we fuse punk rock and hip-hop. We brought that back on this record for some songs. It's just a classic Kottonmouth Kings record with a lot of diverse styles on it."

In the climate of today's struggling music industry, the Kottonmouth Kings continue to thrive. The group runs the immensely successful independent record label Suburban Noize Records, which markets and distributes the Kings as well as over 20 other acts including (hed)pe, Mondo Generator, hip-hop legends X-Clan, Jada Pinkett Smith's Wicked Wisdom and Big B from A & E's hit television series Inked. In addition, the band is also involved in the vastly successful lifestyle clothing company SRH, which registers millions in sales each year.

The Kottonmouth Kings also assembled one of the biggest concert grossing tours of summer with the Strange Noize Tour, which also included Tech N9ne, (hed)p.e., and some of the hottest groups in the world of underground hip-hop. The tour brought together two of America's biggest independent labels - Suburban Noize and Strange Music - for one traveling summer music festival that was completely sold out.

After over a decade of cultivating a massive worldwide movement, the Kings are continue to elevate their musical vision to new heights year after year.

"I think the reason 12 years later the Kottonmouth Kings are still touring, putting out records, selling out places is because it's a living and breathing, tangible thing that these our fans can enjoy,” closes Brad X. "They haven't seen a single or a video on MTV; it's a real thing that they're part of. It's an underground subculture.”

Cloud 9 Tracklisting

1. Controlled Substance
2. Livin' Proof
3. Marijuana
4. Think 4 Yourself
5. No Escape
6. Litas
7. One Day
8. City 2 City
9. Pass It Around
10. Ridin' High
11. PTB
12. Riddled (Interlude)
13. Drunk with Power
14. It Ain't Easy
15. Loadies
16. Don't Make Me Beg
17. Everday Thang
18. All or Nothin'
19. Darkside
20. Free Willy
21. Time to Get High
22. Proud to Be a Stoner

"Cloud 9" by Kottonmouth Kings - release date: 08/28/07..

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