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LeToya's upcoming album "Lady Love" will be released on June 23rd, 2009. "Not Anymore" is the debut single of "Lady Love". "Not Anymore" is mid-tempo record and has the potential to be the next "female anthem" and is set to be released within the next few weeks. Written by Ne-Yo, produced by Beimaejor.

Brand names are just that—enduring. The blessing of a lifelong following is tempered by the curse of past accomplishments perpetually in tow. Many struggle when forced to step out from behind the name that’s propelled them to tip-of-the-tongue currency. Only the rarest make those fledgling first steps count. LeToya Luckett is one such triumph. Part of the global groundswell known as Destiny’s Child, LeToya counts two Grammy Awards and co-writing credits to the group’s smashes “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name” as milestones in her rearview mirror. But her solo efforts have been no less emblematic. Riding smash single “Torn,” which topped BET’s 106 & Park countdown for 25 straight days, her self-titled debut astonishingly debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. From there, the album cruised to platinum status. LeToya had arrived; a tour with R&B demigoddess Mary J. Blige would follow. The child of destiny had blossomed into a self-starting female star.

Artist: LeToya
Title: Lady Love
Release date: 06/23/09
Label: Capitol Records
Single: Not Anymore
Buy at: Amazon

By all appearances, LeToya’s transitions have been both smooth and satisfying. But growth is never without struggle. "Having endured a lot of separations and divorces —and I don't mean just marital— from people that you love takes its toll,” she reveals, herself a veteran of the music business though still in her twenties. "These experiences left me stronger.

Now in 2009, on the verge of her second solo release Lady Love, LeToya is wiser and worldlier. Her subject matter, no longer restricted to the “safe” stuff of her first album, tackles real issues: love, fidelity, defiance, and ultimately, hope. A selfproclaimed "hopeless romantic," Luckett knows that sincerity is not limited to relationships, but music as well: “If I don't connect to a record, if I can't feel it and if I can't sell it, I won't do it." In some favorable ways, LeToya Luckett is very much the modern-day Millie Jackson: relatable, authentic, audacious and adept in capturing the everywoman hiding behind closed shutters and curtains. Her first single, “Not Anymore,” speaks to breaking free. Penned by songwriting savant Ne-Yo, “Not Anymore” tells the tale of a tenacious young lady determined to leave her disloyal boyfriend. The song’s mantra of “not settling for less” echoes LeToya’s drive and determination away from the microphone.

The second single, much more deliberately an impact record, is the brash “She Ain't Got Shit On Me.” Featuring a staccato synth intro and imprudent, irrepressible drums, “She Ain't Got Shit On Me” is destined to end up on dance floors and video countdowns everywhere, as the song delivers one of those rare moments LeToya terms “walking on water.” Moreover, it’s a leaps-and-bounds progression over her debut record, complete with cheeky, chiding vocals and delivery. “In the song, I'm not saying I'm perfect, but my man shouldn't bring another girl home,” she chafes. “The song's not really about whether this girl he's cheating on with me has a fat ass or anything! It's more about the quality that I bring; how much I care for him. It's really a song for every middle-class woman. It's speaking for them.” Other songs of note: “Don’t Need You,” a female anthem that’s wholly LeToya’s, in both demeanor and writing credits; the brilliantly poetic yet radio-friendly “Lazy;” “Good to Me,” which details the quest for the perfect man, one who doesn’t merely appease women by offering materialistic gifts known as “pacifiers.” LeToya has a head on her shoulders for sure. And that head is certainly on straight.

Elsewhere, LeToya Luckett has still other ways of speaking to fans. Look for her on in the upcoming Warner Premiere’s first theatrical movie Preacher’s Kid, due in theaters this fall. Her casting was fortuitous in more ways than one; on set she filmed with singer/songwriter Tank, with whom she collaborated for “Regret” and “Good to Me,” both found on Lady Love. But her big screen bonanza is just beginning. She’s currently filming the Lionsgate feature Five Killers alongside über-stars Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Expect a mid-2010 release date. Additionally, LeToya keeps busy minding a pair of Houston clothing and accessory boutiques called Lady Elle. Luckett aims to stock the shelves with her own brand of clothing as well. And given her track record, there’s no reason to doubt her resolve or her results. "If she can do it, I can do it,” Luckett says as the rhetorical fan. "If she can go from being in one situation that a lot of people thought was a devastation, and then grow as a solo artist, I can make my dreams happen—there is hope."

LeToya biography - old one
“I just want to get my voice heard again and to allow people to know me outside of a group situation. I also want young girls who look up to me to know not to give up, even when people try and take you away from your destiny.” -LeToya

As an original member of Destiny’s Child, LeToya co-wrote the group’s signature songs “Bills Bills Bills” and “Say My Name.” Now, with her self-titled solo album, the powerful singer wants millions of her fans to again be saying her name. That’s why after a few years away from the music industry spotlight, the Houston native felt that naming her album LeToya would be the best way to reintroduce herself. “It’s the world’s first time hearing me and getting to know me as a solo artist,” she says, “so what better way to get them to know me than call it LeToya?”

LeToya flexes her soulful roots on lead single “Torn,” the most emotional and personal song on the album. LeToya’s vocals and lyrics detail the struggle she’s experiencing in astrained relationship that means the world to her. She was inspired to write as soon as she heard the beat, which features a sample of The Stylistics’ classic “You Are Everything.”

“‘You Are Everything’ is one of those songs that just makes you smile, that makes you fall in love,” she explains. “In a sense, it made me feel in love, but I had to twist it up a little bit. “‘Torn’ is a ballad about a girl who is in a relationship and is totally in love with her man. She’s been down with him for so long, but he just can’t get it together. He’s taking her through the motions after she’s been through the ups and downs with him. She’s coming to the point where she realizes that she needs to love herself more than she loves anyone else. She’s really torn in between staying with him and completely leaving him alone.”

The rest of LeToya contains a quality mix of musical sounds and styles. As part of the biggest selling group of the last decade, the ones who helped put Houston on the modern music map, LeToya felt it was important to rep her city throughout her album. No song does a better job of that than “Gangsta Grill.” The future smash features Mike Jones and Killa Kyleone, and features LeToya saluting her city, from the grills to the cars to the type of men found there to the city’s homegrown music.

“This song is straight Houston,” LeToya gushes. “The producer, TA, is from Houston. Mike Jones, Kyleone and myself, we’re all from Houston. Plus, no female artist has taken the whole Screwed Up style and used it for an R&B record. Since I came up on that music, DJ Screw and Michael Watts from Swishahouse, I had to put that on my album. That’s all we used to jam.”

With the upbeat, Scott Storch-produced “I’m Good,” LeToya dismisses a no-good man, while on the sassy “She Don’t,” she sings from the perspective of a woman who realizes that her man will never find a woman on her level. She then explores the pain that comes with a haphazard engagement on the moving ballad “Obvious.”

“Every time I play that song for a girl that’s engaged, she’s like, ‘Girl, that’s how I feel,’” LeToya explains. “A lot of girls go through that. A lot of times, guys see those rings as pacifiers. They’re like, ‘OK, we’ve been over this two, three-year limit of a relationship. I guess it’s time for me to marry you. I guess that’s the next step.’ They don’t look at it like, ‘I’m so glad God has blessed me with a woman like you. I don’t want you to go anywhere. I want you right here with me.’”

But LeToya knows that love is the greatest joy. That’s why she included “This Song” on LeToya. On this smooth, sensuous cut, LeToya lets her man know that she’s ready for a romantic evening of lovemaking. As much as she enjoys the song, it was difficult for her to sing. “It’s hard for me to talk about sex,” she says. “They had to push me to do that record. I did it, but I did it in my own little way. The girl in the story is playing a record that she did specifically to get him in the mood. She’s telling him how the night is going on. She’s got the candles and the lingerie on, so she’s going to take it home for him.”

Taking it back to the club, LeToya delivers two more uptempo smashes with “Tear Da Club Up” with Bun B and “All Eyes On Me,” which features Paul Wall and Slim Thug. The latter is tailor made for a night on the town. “That song is about how I feel when I’m going in the club,” LeToya says. “I’ve got my jewels on, I’ve got my girls and we’re like, ‘Let’s make this look like a video real quick.’ Actually, that’s what I was picturing in my mind when I wrote the song.”

Long before she started making club music, LeToya was singing in her local church. After her father, also a singer, spread the word that his daughter had skills, LeToya was surprised to have an opportunity to sing her first solo in her own church. She was only 5, after all. “The lady just gave me the mic one Sunday and I sang,” she recalls. “Right after that, I joined the children’s choir and started doing all the school plays. That’s where I met Beyonce, in elementary school. I saw that I had a love for music.”

LeToya and Beyonce went on to become integral members of Destiny’s Child. LeToya remained with the group for seven years. During her stint, the group released the goldcertified singles “Bills Bills Bills” and “Say My Name,” both of which LeToya co-wrote and appeared on the breakthrough The Writing’s On The Wall album, which has been certified 8-times platinum in the United States.

“I was happy to have that experience and to be a part of a movement like that,” LeToya says. “Being in that group taught me so much at a young age. I learned to have the mindset of focusing on making a successful album and to do whatever you had to do in order to get there, whether that was waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning to sing or going to vocal lessons when you really wanted to hang out with your friends.”

After leaving the group before the release of its third album, LeToya opened up her successful clothing and accessory store Lady Elle in Houston. Now, with LeToya ready, LeToya will again have the world saying her name.

"Lady Love" by LeToya - release date: 06/23/09..

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