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Acclaimed singer/songwriter, and frequent guest collaborator on a host of other hip-hop superstar's albums, Lil' Mo, has signed with Cash Money's newest venture, Roun'Table Entertainment, and will be releasing her new album, Syndicated (The Lil' Mo Hour) this spring. The album features guest appearances by Fabolous, hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Baby, Lil Wayne and her daughter Heaven.

Artist: Lil Mo
Title: Syndicated (The Lil Mo Hour)
Release date: 10/1/05
Label: Rountable/Cash Money
Single: Yeah Yeah Yeah
Lil Mo
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Lil Mo
The first single from the album, "Yeah Yeah Yeah" featuring the hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari hits radio February 22nd. For Lil' Mo, who has written or recorded with everyone from Missy Elliott to Ja Rule to Jay-Z, among others, her entrée into the Cash Money fold is a crowning achievement in a career that has delivered two pinnacle albums, her acclaimed debut Based On A True Story (2001), and Meet The Girl Next Store (2003). Both disks included classic collaborations with longtime friend and mentor Missy Elliott, with the versatile Lil' Mo writing most of the songs on both albums.

Ronald 'Slim' Williams, co-founder of Cash Money and one of the main catalysts behind the Roun'Table venture welcomes Lil' Mo to the Cash Money family. "Lil' Mo can do it all and then some," says Williams. "She's the perfect artist to kick off our relationship with Roun'Table."

Merlin Bobb, veteran A&R executive and President of Roun'Table Entertainment agrees with Williams. "I've worked with Mo for several years and I am still surprised by how much energy and talent she possesses. We're thrilled to be on board with Cash Money and Universal and ecstatic that Mo's album is the inaugural release of our venture together."

The Long Island native has worked with Keith Sweat, Bow Wow, the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Fabolous. Lil' Mo will be featured in upcoming issues of Sister 2 Sister, Hype Hair, Sophisticates Black Hair, and YRB Magazine.


"I like where R&B is going right now," says Lil' Mo. "There was a time in R&B when it seemed like everybody was supposed to look one way and sound one way. It's going back to its roots now. And you know what? People want real music. That's my job. Providing real music." - Lil' Mo

Lil' Mo has been working this full-time job “Soul Music Provider” since the year 2000 when she took the R&B world by storm. Her first two albums, Based On A True Story and Meet The Girl Next Door, served as a worthy introduction that the effusive singer/songwriter was indeed a force to be reckoned with. She returns to the music world with a new outlook, a new child, (her second) and a bristling new album that chronicles her amazing journey. Syndicated (The Lil' Mo Hour) is subtly conceptual, intricately imbued with Mo's usual provocative themes, backed up her incomparable, soul-stirring vocal gift.

A New York reared, self-described 'military brat', she moved frequently, but with the knowledge that the true 'constants' in her life were a loving family, an impenetrable connection to the church, and her ability to stop a room 'cold' with her singing. "On any Sunday morning, my father - who is also my pastor - will just hold the mic up in my direction and I know it's on," she laughs, sincerely.

Ironically, her nomadic lifestyle positively affected her ability to compose material that would appeal to a wide cross-section of listeners, with Mo entering singing contests along the way to test her own mettle. Such dedication paid off, with Mo guest starring and collaborating on a host of superstar albums (Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, among others), and landing her own record deal with Elektra toward the close of the '90's. A fertile period for the outspoken artist, she launched two critically acclaimed albums, Based on A True Story (2001) featuring the hit "Superwoman," and Meet The Girl Next Door (2003), boasting the smash, "4-Ever," featuring one of many collaborations with friend and #1 supporter Fabolous.

After a brief hiatus from the business, 2002 found the artist exploring another one of her 'hidden' talents: Guest-hosting for a variety of New York-area DJs as a radio personality. Her down-home, completely accessible manner was an instant hit with audiences, and before long, she had her own show at Baltimore's WXYV. Within six months, she had the highest-rated afternoon drive show in the market. "I wasn't looking for a new career," says Mo. "I was expecting my first child and I couldn't do much traveling or touring." Despite offers for a permanent radio spot from stations across the country, Mo knew that, soon, she had to return to her first loves: singing and performing.

Syndicated (The Lil' Mo Hour) arrives in 2005 as Lil’ Mo's celebrated return to center stage. Borrowing heavily from her behind-the-scenes Djing experience, the album is an ingenious blend of station-infused banter, comedic whimsy, Mo's maturation as a vocalist, all the while forging her unique point of view on real-world issues that fans have come to expect from the singer. "I'm putting you right there," says Mo. "I'm really proud of it-from top to bottom."

She showcases her emotive vocal prowess and always-keen street instincts alongside her usual cohorts, like partner-in-rhyme Fabolous, as well as new collaborators such as spoken-word artist J-IVY. The acclaimed poet, featured on Kanye West's critically acclaimed College Dropout, struck an instant friendship with Mo at a New York City nightspot and joined her at the studio only hours later. Mo, known as a quick improviser and accomplished in-studio songwriter, was confident the duo would click together. "When it's a go, it's a go."

Syndicated (The Lil' Mo Hour) marks a new beginning in many ways for Lil' Mo. It is her debut for the new joint venture between Cash Money Records, (headed by co C.E.O.'s Ronald "Slim" Williams and Bryan "Baby" Williams), and Roun'Table Entertainment. Bryan "Baby" Williams believed in her so much that he guests on the disc, via the scalding "Won't Look Any Further.” On this song, Mo takes on the shadier aspects of men in regard to romantic relationships. She also trades off with the always-formidable Fabolous, and her new label mate, the precocious Lil' Wayne, on the sizzling "Hot Girls."

In addition to a new musical family, Mo also prepared for a new addition to her own family while recording Syndicated (The Lil' Mo Hour); Mo recorded most of this album while expecting her second daughter.

She revels in the joy of marriage and motherhood, while at her hair appointment she keeps in touch with the lives of her sisters in the struggle. "Every time I get my hair done, I hear women in the salon complaining about the fathers of their children. And when I go in the barbershop, I hear the fellas saying the same about the mothers. Our lives revolve around these relationships." Thus the song, "Mother of Your Child," one of the gems of the album, a heartfelt ode to the toughest job on earth.

Fans who are always looking for autobiographical snippets in Lil Mo's songs will have fun with the insightful ”You Must Really Love Me.” A sensitive ode written with her husband in mind, Mo also cites it as a cautionary tale to women who may wonder if their men really do care. "A lot of times, our men don't express their feelings. You have to look for the little things in every situation."

The songwriter's ever-burning social conscience flares up on "Still Think I'm A …," a politically charged track ripe for the times. "I have a lot of friends who work in corporate America," explains Mo. "And they find they're still under some sort of microscope."

Lil' Mo's specialty is the purity of her songwriting, and the unblemished vocal delivery that brings her stories home. She's always been an artist able to find that source of connectivity in all of us. The magic of Syndicated (The Lil Mo Hour), is she's able to connect once again to her core audience, while inviting new fans in with open arms.

"Syndicated (The Lil Mo Hour)" by Lil Mo - release date: 10/1/05..

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