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British born, Barbados-bred singer Livvi Franc dominates the top of the U.S. dance chart for the second week in a row with her “empowering anthem “Now I’m That Bitch” featuring Pitbull. Currently, the song ranks No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart and was the No. 2 “Most Added” record at the rhythmic radio format last week. “Now I’m That Bitch” is produced by Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse), Remi also co-wrote the song with Livvi. The video for the track will be shot next week in Miami with Sarah Chatfield (Lily Allen) directing.

According to the twenty year-old Jive Records artist the song is about is about, “reclaiming the word and turning it into something positive.” Livvi goes on to add, “As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more confident and developed a greater sense of self, and now I’m a B.I.T.C.H- Babe In Total Control Of Herself!”

Artist: Livvi Franc
Title: debut
Release date: 09/1/09
Label: Jive Records
Single: Free
Livvi Franc
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Livvi Franc
“Now I’m That Chick” is from Franc’s yet-to-be-titled debut. In addition to Remi, she has worked with some of the best known producers in the business including J.R. Rotem (Britney Spears), RedOne (Lady Gaga) as well as Future Cut (Lily Allen, Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)).

Livvi Franc most recently appeared on the Logo channel’s "2009 NewNowNext Awards" and will perform some select club dates in Miami, FL (July 22), Palm Springs, FL (July 30) and Atlantic City (August 11).

Livvi Franc biography
A genuine breath of fresh air has blown in, from Barbados via North Yorkshire, in the shape of 20 year old singer/songwriter Livvi Franc. Bubbly, unpretentious and down to earth are words not often used in the music business, but this multi-talented songstress with the model girl looks is as laid back as they come.

An authentic blend of cultures and music styles, Livvi refuses to be pigeon-holed, describing her impressive body of work as a mix of pop, R&B, folk, and the West Indian specialty, Reggae, with an underlying Soca beat. The diversity of her music even echoes her accent, a Barbadian lilt interspersed with the occasional flat vowels of northern England.

Born Olivia Charlotte Waithe, Livvi spent the first five years of her life in Harrogate, with her mum, dad and elder sister. At five, the family moved to her dad’s homeland of Barbados, after her parents decided the girls should fully experience their Barbadian heritage.

Livvi grew up in Barbados waking up to soca music and listening to everything from Bob Marley to The Beatles, and lists a range of female singers, from Etta James, through Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Lauryn Hill, and Alanis Morissette among her many influences.

Her passion for music was a part of her for as long as she can recall. Even at nursery her potential was noticed, with a yellowing school report mentioning that ‘all Livvi wants to do is sit in the corner and play with musical instruments’. Her maternal grandfather, Frank Wilson, the inspiration for her stage name, also realised. “When I was about two, my grandfather noticed me sitting at the piano, playing a tune of my own with two hands, and predicted I was going to be a musician. Sadly he is no longer here. So, in honour of him, I called myself Livvi Franc, Livvi because it’s my nickname, and Franc because it’s a funkier version of Frank.”

Livvi’s talent for singing was picked up both in and out of school, with countless performances in school concerts, local pageants and private audiences for her friends. At the age of 11, she started songwriting, filling books with words and singing them out loud. Taking up the guitar at 15 helped with the songwriting, and gave her a structure for the music. “My guitar playing is not for public consumption, but it has been an essential tool for my songwriting. I’ve recorded around 70 songs, but written hundreds with my guitar.”

Her route to the big time is like something out of a fairytale. “My friend used to babysit for a woman named Kerrie Thomas who had worked in music in Barbados. At her prompting, I made a tape of myself singing some of my self-penned songs and gave it to Kerrie. After listening to it once, she rang to say that she would love to work with me, if I was interested. That was four years ago. Kerrie is now my manager and she, along with my co-manager, Allison Hunte, helped me get the deal with Jive Records in America and RCA over here, all part of Sony.”

Livvi co-wrote most of the tracks on her remarkable debut album, due in mid 2009, collaborating with a host of celebrated songwriters and producers. In the US, she worked with JR Rotem (Rihanna, Sean Kingston) who produced the sensational ‘Lovey Dovey’ and future mega-hit ‘My Window’, a track written by Amanda Ghost (James Blunt, Shakira). The sparkling, surf-guitar powered ‘She Loves Love’ was produced by Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue, Natasha Bedingfield), and the groovy, infectious track ‘No Chance’ was co-written with Eg White (Duffy, Adele, Will Young) when Livvi spent some time in London earlier this Summer.

Although musically, they’re quite different, Livvi and superstar Rihanna have uncanny similarities. Livvi gets the comparisons all of the time. “Rihanna and I are both 5’ 9” tall, both the same age, both from St. Michael Barbados, both sang at school pageants, both have record deals but I have only ever met her once outside of Barbados.”

Outside of music, chef Livvi likes to hang out with her mates, watch movies and surf the Internet. “I’m not a big beach babe of late, thanks to a manic recording schedule, but the sea, especially the clear blue waters of Barbados, has long been an inspiration for my songwriting. To relax, I love to cook. You name it, I can cook it! I also like to bake. I make a wicked sweetbread. I am not a big fan of recipes; I like to do my own thing, and I am always concocting new dishes. I always thought if I didn’t get the opportunity to have a career in music, I’d be a chef. ”

One listen to her debut single ‘Free’, which combines a gorgeous, insistent melody with inspirational lyrics, is all it takes to prove that Livvi Franc won’t be enrolling in cookery school any time soon.

"debut" by Livvi Franc - release date: 09/1/09..

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