Madonna to release Hard Candy

, Editor on April 8, 2008 | genre: pop

Madonna has already claimed her new album, Hard Candy, will "kick your ass." Turns out, she wasn't kidding! Witness the cover of her upcoming album, due April 29th, featuring the pop diva sporting, yep, a wrestling belt. Featuring production by Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and Nate "Danja" Hills and an appearance by Justin Timberlake, Madonna's rep says the album's "about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness."

Artist: Madonna
Title: Hard Candy
Release date: 04/29/08
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Single: 4 Minutes
Buy at: Amazon

The first single, "4 Minutes" is in a commercial for Sunsilk hair products. The spot tracks Madonna's signature "looks" through the years as a means to inspire girls to play around with their current styles with the help of the new Sunsilk styling aids.

Marketing Daily quotes director of Unilever's U-S hair care operations, David Rubin, declaring, "We're proud to unveil a powerful advertisement that features a truly inspirational icon along with our new styling products."

The Material Girl is phoning in her new album --literally! Starting April 21st, Vodaphone customers in the U-K and Europe will be able to download on new track a day from "Hard Candy " for seven days to their cell phones. That's a week before the CD hits stores all over the world. Folks in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Belgium were able to get Madonna's new single, "4 Minutes" on their mobiles beginning this month.

old news
Madonna's 11th studio album for Warner Bros. Records "HARD CANDY" is scheduled to have a global release on April 28th and a US release on April 29th, it was confirmed by her label. "HARD CANDY" (the follow up to Madonna's "CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR" which debuted at No. 1 in 30 countries and sold over 8 million copies), has been described as a brilliant up-tempo collection of 12 songs in which Madonna remains ensconced in club mode but this time adds an urban hip hop beat in collaboration with musical partners Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes and Nate "Danja" Hills. The debut single, the pulsating "4 Minutes" will be released at the end of March.

"The title is a juxtaposition of tough and sweetness...kind of like I'm gonna kick your ass but it's going to make you feel good. And of course, I love candy" laughed the material girl.

Madonna, a multi-Grammy-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, cultural icon, world renowned stage performer, video visionary, children's book author, director and documentary film maker has sold 200 million albums in the course of her unprecedented two decade plus career and is slated to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10th.

"Hard Candy" by Madonna - release date: 04/29/08..

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