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When BET’s Celebration of Gospel airs this Sunday it will feature the first televised performance of “Best In Me” - the new single from Marvin Sapp’s upcoming CD HERE I AM, which is set for release on March 16, 2010.

Artist: Marvin Sapp
Title: Here I Am
Release date: 03/16/10
Label: Verity Records
Single: Best In Me
Marvin Sapp
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Marvin Sapp
Produced by Aaron Lindsey, who also co-wrote the song with Sapp, “Best In Me” is sure to have Celebration of Gospel viewers humming its melody on Monday morning. “Best In Me” powerfully affirms the purity of God’s love in an unforgettable way with the redemptive vamp ‘He’s mine/and I’m His/it doesn’t matter what I did/He only sees me for who I am.’

Sapp says “it is a song about how the love of God is everlasting and completely uplifting…to me, it really speaks to any individual who may have had low self esteem because they have let people define them who did not create them. I always say, God created us in his image and likeness, and He should be the one to define us.”

“Best In Me” is currently available through all mobile providers as a ringtone/ringback and as a full track. Marvin Sapp fans can also get exclusive news and information about the new CD from Sapp himself by calling 616-773-1547.

Marvin Sapp biography
The words “parched”, “dehydrated” and “dry” conjure up thoughts of a desert, a place lacking water. But “thirsty” means something entirely different to Marvin Sapp. It’s a word that reflects a renewed desire for the living water from the lover of his soul, Jesus Christ. Thirsty is the new project from the multiple Stellar Award winning, GRAMMY and Dove nominated artist Marvin Sapp. His seventh solo project, Thirsty encompasses what fans have loved about the artist since his days as lead singer with Commissioned – unmatched vocal delivery, and powerful, inspiring performances. One of Gospel music’s most recognizable voices, Marvin Sapp – Founder and Pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan – returns to a live setting on Thirsty. “I love recording live,” says Sapp. “I like to feed off the energy of the people. With a live recording, I get a chance to feel what they feel, draw off their emotions, and see their tears. It really helps to direct me in ministering to them.” “The night of the live recording was unbelievable,” says Sapp. “It was a mind-blowing, life-changing experience. I really had the opportunity to minister songs that ministered to me,” says Sapp, who recorded Thirsty at Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, MI under the musical direction of producer Aaron Lindsey, with Myron Butler directing background vocals. Although the evening was filled with amazing new music, for the pastor, the night was bittersweet. “A lot of people don’t know, but during that period, within a 90-day span, I lost three of the most important men in my life: my father, Henry Lewis Sapp Jr.; my musical mentor, L. Craig Tyson, who co-founded Tyscot Records; and my spiritual father, Bishop Abney, who had passed the day before my live recording,” recalls Sapp. It was particularly out of the pain and grief over his father’s death that the lead single, “Never Would Have Made It” was born. “Never Would Have Made It” was written the Sunday after Dr. Sapp buried his father. He says, “We had already eulogized him. I had to throw the blanket in with him and close the casket. I had to stand up and say ‘earth to earth, ashes to ashes’. I had to preach the message and drop him off at the cemetery to be buried. But the Sunday after that, I went into the church, everyone was in position, functioning normally, and I was standing there thinking, ‘What is going on? Don’t these people see that I’m in pain?’” At that moment, Sapp decided he wasn’t going to preach the Sunday morning message. That’s when he heard the voice of God. “The Lord said to me, ‘Marvin, there’s something you need to understand. Although your father isn’t with you physically, I will never leave you nor will I forsake you. I will be with you always even until the end of the earth’. Then I walked into the pulpit with my Bible. When God began to assure me that He was there for me, I stood up. I grabbed the microphone and started singing, ‘Never Would Have Made It’”,” he recalls. The song happened prophetically, right on the spot and is destined to be one of the album’s favorites. The title track is also a byproduct of Sapp discerning God’s voice in his life, especially when he was faced with challenges. Whatever Sapp was going through, the voice of God would instruct him to “thirst for me,” and when Sapp’s focused shifted from the issue at hand to the everpresent Father, inevitably the burden was lifted. Written by Jason Nelson, “Thirsty” is a sweet, reverential track that cleanses the soul. “Place Of Worship”, another Nelson creation, opens with the strumming of an acoustic guitar, and melodically reassures listeners “even though you’re in the valley, victory comes through your adversity.” Sapp also revisits the classic hymn “In The Garden”, giving it his own personal stamp. “My mother taught me that song when I was a little boy, it was one of the first songs I learned,” says Sapp. “It’s always been close to my heart.” “Worshipper In Me”, a song that perfectly embodies the life of this artist, is a an easy-flowing track with strong strains of traditional jazz in its musicianship. With soft strokes of piano keys highlighting this pretty ballad, one can hear the clarity of Sapp’s incomparable vocals. It is an ideal tune for intimate times of worship. The song was penned by Johnathan Dunn, who also wrote the buoyant “Rivers Flow.” Sapp is best known for his songs of encouragement, and Thirsty has no shortage of them. “Praise Him In Advance,” with a commanding spoken exhortation, speaks from a first-person perspective to encourage believers to step out and praise God even before the victory. Unconditional praise is the message in this moving cut. Sapp says, “Instead of reacting to our circumstances, we need to respond to them. The way we respond to them is that we stand firm and praise God even though what we’re dealing with isn’t something that makes us feel good. But we realize and acknowledge that everything that happens in our life happens for the good.” Another uplifting tune is “Possess The Land.” With commanding melodies placed over a laid-back, funk-filled beat, this song calls for listeners to “stand in authority/walk in your victory/ rejoice/ the time is at hand/go in, possess the land.” Praisers will enjoy the energized “Magnify,” a tune that takes anyone within listening ranger straight to church and is sure to be another praise anthem. The subtle strength of “Shout Unto God” brings to mind a psalm from the pen of David. This mellow track will hearten lovers of God to bless Him with their voices. Starting off with a relaxed feel, the cut builds to a frenzied climax of praise. Throughout the twelve tracks of Thirsty, Sapp shows that his five-year hiatus from recording – and the fire of adversity – has given him even more experiences to minister from. During his recording hiatus, Sapp has been “focusing on the church and building up the membership.” The Lighthouse Full Life Center Church began with 24 members and now –between its two church sites – has grown to 1500 members in just four years. Although he’s thrilled with the physical growth of the church, he’s more concerned with the building up of his members, as individuals. “We deal with the mind, the body and the spirit. We teach people to elevate their thoughts and to change their outlook on life. We encourage people to empower, not enable. We want to be a church that’s a 21st century in its application. Not just being a place that grandma used to say was ‘a wheel in the middle of a wheel’, but being a church that’s relevant to 21st century believers,” explains Sapp – who keeps his heart close to home no matter where his ministry takes him. “I’ve been focused on being a good father and a good husband. My wife and I have been married for 15 years now.” With almost 200 preaching and singing engagements per year, Sapp has hardly been resting on his laurels. Sapp sees Thirsty as an extension of his church ministry, “I’ve always wanted to encourage the believer. All of my music, all of the songs I sing are trying to get the believer to understand that the greater one on the inside of them is far greater than any circumstance that goes on around them,” says Sapp. “My focus has always been to do music that uplifts the believer; that encourages the believer; that strengthens the believer. It’s the same goal I have at my church. If people leave empowered, then I know I’ve not only mastered the pulpit, but the pulpit of music as well.”

"Here I Am" by Marvin Sapp - release date: 03/16/10..

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