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I have read positive feedback about this song and we have to agree. Ahhh, here it is a classic. Although you might not see it that way, it is hehe. Anyway, don't sleep on this joint. Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.

Memphis Bleek

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4 comments so far

1. At 07:24 on 03 Jan 2004, Cinnamon rates it:4 of 5 stars and wrote:

I love Memphis Bleek he is my favorite rapper and I like this song and the video

2. At 21:20 on 10 Jan 2004, eezypimpin5000 rates it:4 of 5 stars and wrote:

Tight Song

3. At 04:44 on 14 Jan 2004, eezypimpin5000 rates it:5 of 5 stars and wrote:

One of the tightest rap songs off the roc yet.

4. At 06:36 on 14 Apr 2004, Warrverine rates it:4 of 5 stars and wrote:

heavy tune

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