Mobb Deep Back In The Studio For 9th Album

by , Editor on September 2, 2011 | genre: hiphop

It has almost been twenty years that Mobb Deep's classic album 'Juvenile Hell' was released. Now they announce their forthcoming self-titled ninth album to be released later this year on their own label Infamous Records. The distribution will be handled by Sony Music's RED Distribution. Naturally the new label will also release their own solo records plus other emerging artists.

Artist: Mobb Deep
Title: self-titled
Release date: Unknown
Label: Infamous Records
Mobb Deep
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Mobb Deep
As they push forward, Mobb Deep's opportunity with RED bolsters the duo's classic catalog since much of Mobb's early music was released and is still distributed by RED. The deal brings them closer to their celebrated music legacy and also positions the group to acquire and distribute film content. "After almost twenty years in this industry, it was inevitable for us to take matters into our own hands. We feel that RED is the perfect home for our brand," says Prodigy, who's been enjoying outstanding reviews and critical acclaim for his candid, controversial autobiography My Infamous Life. "We're ready to work and build our own structure."

"We know who our fans are and what they want from Mobb Deep," says Havoc, whose recent production work can be heard on Eminem's multi-platinum Grammy-winning album Recovery. "We're excited to take a new step in our career."

Bob Morelli, President of RED adds, "Mobb Deep is an iconic act, having been on the cutting edge of music and social commentary for years. We are happy and excited to distribute the next chapter in their musical career."

As they gear up to release their highly anticipated album later this year, Mobb Deep has been on the road with the successful Rock The Bells tour alongside Lauryn Hill, Nas, Common, Erykah Badu and others, as well as a Live Nation tourwith Raekwon and Ghostface.

Mobb Deep recently signed with one of the world's largest talent agencies, International Creative Management (ICM) where they're represented by Mitch Blackman; Prodigy's solo career and business ventures are managed by Marvis Johnson for Micro Management Group, Jeremiah "Ice" Yanoussi runs the global touring arm for Micro Management Group,; Havoc's solo, production and business deals are managed by Chris Patilis for Active Management Group. The two entities co-manage all of Mobb Deep's music and business ventures.


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