M.O.P. to release Salutes The St. Marxmen

, Editor on October 5, 2005 | genre: hiphop

M.O.P. First Family returns to the streets with a new, hard-hitting street album titled Salutes The St. Marxmen. The new KOCH Records release from the First Family will be in stores on October 18th,, 2005.

Artist: MOP
Title: Salutes The St. Marxmen
Release date: 10/18/05
Label: Koch Records
Buy at: Amazon

Alan Grunblatt, General Manager and Executive Vice President of KOCH Records, explains, “Cliff Cultreri and I signed M.O.P. First Family to Relativity Records, where the group had the most success. We’ve been friends for a long time, so it’s a natural fit for KOCH to put out their next great release.”

M.O.P. First Family was formed by Laze Elliott, Billy Danze, & Lil Fame in the mid ‘90s, and they burst on the scene with their debut single, “How About Some Hardcore.” The group quickly earned a devoted following in New York City. Their first album, To The Death, was released in the spring of 1994 and delivered a slew of intense, gangsta tracks. Their songs embodied the underground, New York sound, and their name became synonymous with hardcore. M.O.P. First Family refused to deliver anything but the hardcore joints that won the group its fans, and critics quickly took notice as well. Other members of the St. Marxmen have been heard as well. Teflon appeared on the remix “Ante Up”. Foxx had a joint on the Bad s Boy II soundtrack, a compilation which sold over 2 million copies.

M.O.P. First Family Salutes The St. Marxmen is another dose of the New York underground flavor they are known for, delivering strong lyrics and slamming beats. Jay Z, Wyclef Jean, DJ Premier and the late ODB are featured on some of the hardest tracks they group has made. M.O.P. First Family spent the summer touring with Eminem and 50 Cent.

Salutes The St. Marxmen Tracklisting

1. Fliptro            

2. Pain            

3. Big Boy Game            

4. It's Hard To Tell Feat. Foxx & INF            

5. Suicide Feat. Teflon            

6. Hip Hop Cops Feat. Wyclef Jean            

7. Pop Shots Remix Feat. ODB            

8. Classic Skit            

9. Put It In The Air Feat. Jay-Z            

10. Skit            

11. Muddy Waters            

12. Party Like A Rockstar            

13. Instigator            

14. Take A Minute            

15. G Boy Stance

"Salutes The St. Marxmen" by MOP - release date: 10/18/05..

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