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by , Editor on September 9, 2011 | genre: hiphop

Do not expect Nappy Roots will perform over 200 dates once more on their forthcoming NAPPY DOT ORG tour. Although they have already started yesterday in Salt Lake City and have piled their schedule till January 14th, 2012. So yes, big chance they will be coming to a club near you so when they do go see them. You will want to hear their new album which has been produced by the legendary Organized Noize who worked with Outkast and TLC.

Artist: Nappy Roots
Title: Nappy Dot Org
Release date: 09/27/11
Label: Nappy Roots Entertainment Group / AVJ Records
Single: Hey Love
Nappy Roots
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Nappy Roots
Skinny DeVille says, “Working with Organized Noize took some of the dirty work out of the equation and let us be creative without pressure.”

The final product is an album that is equally representative of Nappy Roots and Organized Noize’s respective creative identities, hence the name Nappy Dot Org. It is natural and organic, a melding of free thoughts over cutting edge musical concepts. The album’s sound incorporates everything that has created the South’s musical legacy, from the church organs to the heavy bass.

From the light-hearted “Y’all Party” to the sonically rich “Congratulations,” the album captures an effortless maturity that also appeals to younger listeners. Each of the songs manages to provide it's own vibe. “Hey Love,” for example, finds Nappy Roots open, emotional and vulnerable in a way rappers are very rarely seen. The song’s honesty and raw emotion are as organic and authentic as any of the other tracks on the album, adding another layer to this well-rounded offering.



9/9: In the Venue--Salt Lake City, UT

9/10: The Green Room--Flagstaff, AZ

9/11: Club Red/Red Owl --Tempe, AZ

9/13: El Cid Theatre--Los Angeles, CA

9/14 : The Caspar Inn--Caspar, CA

9/15: El Corazon--Seattle, WA

9/16: Hell’s Kitchen--Tacoma, WA

9/17: The Wild Buffalo--Bellingham, WA

9/18: Rock Reactor--Kennewick, WA

9/19: Bar None--Vancouver, BC

9/22: Station 7 Live--Laurel, DE

9/23: Mercury Lounge--New York, NY

9/24: Monroe Community College Gym--Rochester, NY

9/29: Rhythm & Brews--Chattanooga, TN

9/30: Gilligan’s--Murfreesboro, TN


10/1: Alabama Music Box--Mobile, AL
10/6: Boonies--Sioux Falls, SD

10/7: Redstone Room @ River Music Experience--Davenport, IA

10/8: The Garage--Kearney, NE

10/14: The Social--Orlando, FL

10/15: Flip Flops--Valdosta, GA

11/5: Jannus Live--St Petersburg, FL

11/12: Hiram College Kennedy Center--Hiram, OH

11/16: OB’s Bar and Grill Lake--Charles, LA


1/4: Copper Mountain Resort--Frisco, CO

1/5: Winter Park Resort--Winter Park, CO

1/6: Agave--Avon, CO

1/7: Three20south--Breckenridge, CO

1/11: The Eldo Crested--Butte, CO

1/13: Steamboat Grand Conference Center Steamboat--Springs, CO

1/14: Abbey Theatre--Durango, CO

"Nappy Dot Org" by Nappy Roots - release date: 09/27/11..

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