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The voice of Mis-Teeq gets set to return to the charts with her debut solo single, OMG, released on 15th March 2010. Sabrina Washington came back to the public’s attention this autumn in the ITV1 show ‘I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here.’ Watched by an audience of 9 million people each night, Sabrina made it into the final five.

Artist: Sabrina Washington
Title: Oh My Gosh
Release date: 03/15/10
Label: Cash Money Records
Single: OMG (Oh My Gosh)
Sabrina Washington
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Sabrina Washington
Sabrina Washington is back, and she’s doing what she does best. Bringing some much-needed sas and whole lot of style to the nation’s airwaves with her no-nonsense electro-charged ladies’ anthem ‘OMG (Oh My Gosh)’.

“It just feels great to be back and making music that really represents who I am now,” says Sabrina, fresh from braving three weeks in the Australian out back for reality TV hit ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ “I feel more confident with who I am now than ever before, and it’s been amazing to finally express that through my music.”

Working with top British pop talent like Ali Tennant (JLS, Lemar) and Talay Riley (Chipmunk), Miss Washington has developed a slick, funky and deliciously dirty pop sound. With new tunes including such thrillingly upfront jams as the wicked future-pop of ‘Strip’ (sample lyric ‘I feel like Madonna – a virgin’s appetite’) and take-no-prisoners R&B floor-shaker ‘I Want It Ruff’, it’s clear Sabrina knows exactly wants she wants and how she’s going to get it.

“Yes, it is provocative and sexy,” Sabrina laughs. “But I’m a woman now, I’m not a little girl anymore.”

She’s certainly come a long way from the plucky young school-girl growing up in Harlesden, North London, dreaming of being a singer, forming a succession of vocal groups with her friends, and knocking ‘em dead in assembly with a sweetly soulful rendition of Diana Ross’ ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To.’ The teenage Sabrina had ambition and talent but it was when, at a dance class, she met someone with a similar drive and passion, that she knew that her dreams had a shot at becoming reality.

“You know when you meet someone and you have that special feeling that something great’s going to happen here? That’s what I was like when I met Alesha.”

Together with Alesha Dixon and Su-Elise Nash, Sabrina would go on to form seminal urban pop trio Mis-Teeq who crashed into the UK Top 10 with their debut single ‘Why?’

“It was all totally real and genuine, there was nothing manufactured about us,” she Sabrina of Mis-Teeq’s breakthrough success. “We were the ones who insisting our record label should release a garage mix of our first single because that’s the kind of music we’d dance to in the clubs we would hang out in.”

Once Mis-Teeq hit, they hit big, going on to achieve seven consecutive UK Top 10 smashes and international success with songs like ‘One Night Stand’ and US smash ‘Scandalous.’

“Those years were like a whirlwind,” says Sabrina today. “We were young and travelling all over the world – Asia, Australia, America… it all took off so quickly. It was amazing and thrilling, but hard work too. Sometimes we were working 20 hours a day and as lead singer there was a lot of pressure for me to always be on top form, never to be sick. But I think I thrived on it, we were living on pure adrenalin.”

Mis-Teeq became urban-pop trail-blazers, not only bringing underground club sounds squarely into the mainstream, but opening the show at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee (“I never thought I’d go from Harlesden to singing in front of the Queen at the Palace. You should have seen our mums that day - they were so proud”) and playing rock festivals like Glastonbury long before it became fashionable for pop acts to do so.

“Oh, we were all really nervous before that, I remember worrying no-one would turn up,” says Sabrina. “But it turned out fantastic – one of our best gigs ever.”

After five years of non-stop international touring and success the band finally called it a day in 2005.

“It was like going through a divorce,” says Sabrina looking back at that time. “Me, Alesha and Su-Elise were with each other 24/7, and suddenly they’re not there anymore. It took me a long time to get my head around that. I spent a long time thinking ‘who am I? What’s my direction?’ I had to learn to love music again. It took a while, but when I found the sound I wanted, I completely fell in love with it again.”

Which more or less brings us up to date with Miss Washington today, give or take a few weeks in horrendous sticky heat, stuck with a bunch of people she’d never met in her life, and being force to eat strange bug things on primetime TV. What on earth, pray tell, were you thinking?

“I thought it would be a challenge,” laughs Sabrina. “No honestly.
It tests you on every single ability you have – patience, what you’re scared of, mixing with other people. You’re living on the bare minimum - no food, no make-up, no creature comforts from home. My one luxury item I took was my hairbrush. Oh, I loved that hairbrush!”

Now safety back on more familiar soil, Sabrina needn’t fret about compromising on the glam factor (even though it must be said, she look pretty fine sans macquillage). After all, she has got a new single to promote.

“Don’t worry, honey, my look is going to be wild,” teases Sabrina. “I usually have my hair shaven on one side into different patterns. And I’m planning on loads of shoes and major high heels. It’s all about great shoes. You know I can work them out!”

"Oh My Gosh" by Sabrina Washington - release date: 03/15/10..

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