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, Editor on January 6, 2004 | genre: hiphop

Swollen Members have captured the imagination of the global hip-hop underground. With Heavy, their highly anticipated fourth full-length release, Swollen Members are fully prepped to launch into untold commercial success.

Artist: Swollen Members
Title: Heavy
Release date: 11/18/03
Label: Battle Axe Records
Single: Watch This
Swollen Members
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For the last five years, Swollen Members have played an important role in the underground hip hop scene - from their raw beginnings of their 1999 debut Balance, to the critically acclaimed Bad Dreams and the polished sound of 2002's Monsters In the Closet. Along with scoring a Juno Award (Canadian version of a Grammy) for each of these groundbreaking albums and scooping up six MuchMusic Video Awards, Swollen Members have sold hundreds of thousands of albums while blazing new trails with their rare and rugged brand of hip hop.

Their latest effort, Heavy, weighs in as their most sonically evolved to date. Featuring 14 powerhouse tracks - including the smash single "Watch This" which is already heating up the airwaves - Heavy concocts an intoxicating blend of concise rhymes and bass-heavy beats. Complete with eye-catching cover art designed by Todd McFarlane (creator of the renown comic book Spawn), Heavy also includes a bonus DVD featuring six music videos - including the award-winning video "Breath" featuring Nelly
Furtado and directed by Todd McFarlane - exclusive interviews and backstage footage.

Swollen Members

"We put a lot of time into this record," explains Mad Child. "We just kept recording and recording. There
were songs that didn't cut it so we just kept at it until it felt right. We knew exactly where we wanted it to go."

Crafted with their signature wicked-funk beats and powerful lyrical style, Heavy is the bridge between their underground beginnings and their future stardom. This is not only an important time for the group but for their potential impact of rap music as a whole.

"It feels like this is the album where everything's been put on the table," says Prevail. "For the last year, when we weren't on the road, we were locked up in the studio to do nothing but concentrate on bringing out the best in our music. Heavy stands for the amount of heart and soul that has gone into this album." Steadfast and determined in their mission to get their music out to fans, Swollen Members have shared
the stage with some of today's biggest acts - from hip hop to rock - and have captivated crowds around the globe with their energetic live shows.

So, whether you're already a fan or new to the crew, Heavy is the prelude to the storm, and will stand as a testament of why Swollen Members are about to be a household name. Heavy drops with a soft release on November 18th. The fully comprehensive onslaught for press and radio begins in January '04.

Heavy Tracklisting
1. Intro
2. Block Party
3. Watch This
4. Bottom Line
5. Burn It Down
6. Remember The Name
7. Therapy
8. Concentrate
9. Adrenaline
10. Don't Know Why
11. Paranoia
12. All Night
13. Heat
14. Ambush

"Heavy" by Swollen Members - release date: 11/18/03..

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