T Mills Drops Leaving Home EP Including New Song The Boom

by , Editor on December 13, 2011 | genre: hiphop

It has only been five months that T. Mills released his full-length album 'Leaving Home'. Right in time for the holiday season he is back with the same-titled EP featuring the single 'Van's On' and his new track 'The Boom' which you can listen to below. You will get six tracks which have been produced by J Hawk, Colin Munroe and The Stereotypes. Strangely enough his latest song 'Beat It Up', which was released last month, is not included on the EP.

Since the release of his free second album the press has been extremely positive. Outlets/blogs iHiphop and DJBooth both have praised him into heaven with standard phrases such as "If you're not familiar with his name or his music yet, that will soon change."

As most mixtapes and EPs this one as well is a pre-cursor for his next album. He is already in the studio working on his third album which is scheduled to be released early 2012.

Artist: T Mills
Title: Leaving Home EP
Release date: 12/13/11
Label: Columbia Records
Single: The Boom
T. Mills
Buy at: Amazon

T Mills
Following recent sold-out shows at NYC’s Highline Ballroom and Webster Hall, Mills will headline LA’s The Roxy for the Leaving Home EP release show on December 15th. The event will be streamed live on www.tmillsmusic.com that evening. The music video for "Vans On" directed by Bernard Gourley (M.I.A, Cassie, Taio Cruz, Clipse ft. Kanye West) shoots later this month and will premiere in January.

Fans who purchase the Leaving Home EP from T. Mills official website www.tmillsmusic.com will also receive additional songs with their download.

Leaving Home EP Tracklisting
1. Vans On
2. Leaving Home
3. The Boom
4. LA It Down
5. Can't Take Ur Eyes Off Me
6. Hollywood

"Leaving Home EP" by T Mills - release date: 12/13/11..

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