TFDI to release When I Stop Running

, Editor on June 7, 2011 | genre: rock

The singer-songwriters Tony Lucca, Matt Duke and Jay Nash will release the first TFDI album 'When I Stop Running' on July 19th. Rock Ridge signed the group and even Jason Spiewak joined the group in the studio to co-produce the album.

Artist: TFDI
Title: When I Stop Running
Release date: 07/19/11
Label: Rock Ridge Music
Buy at: Amazon

Recorded at the state-of-the-art studio at SPACE in Evanston, IL, the album sessions were organic: the three musicians sat in a circle and recorded the album live. Nine originals and three covers (Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again,” Bright Eyes’ “Lover I Don’t Have to Love” and Tom Petty’s “American Girl”) comprise the album, which is the next chapter in a story that began when the trio’s self-titled 2009 EP topped iTune’s singer-songwriter charts and became a fixture in the Top 200 for the next two years.

TFDI combine acoustic artistry and honeyed harmonies with heartfelt honesty. Nash epitomizes Americana, Duke represents the alternative rock vibe and Lucca brings blue-eyed soul to the table. The threesome’s earnest songwriting and anything-goes live shows have won them a legion of diehard fans and critical praise. St. Louis, MO’s Riverfront Times commended their “beautiful harmonies with bluesy acoustic-guitar riffing” and Pittsburgh’s Examiner called them “immaculately talented.” We Love DC raved, “The harmonies produced by both their instruments and their vocal chords were enough to pique any music theory majors’ interest and leave an Average Joe listener’s jaw dropped all at the same time.”

The group began as a creative lark, but quickly turned serious after the EP took off and tour dates started selling out. Though none of them have left their solo careers unattended – Nash, Duke and Lucca all released well-received solo albums in the past year – the three knew that the TFDI story wasn’t over. So, the trio reunited outside of Chicago in the fall of 2010 for an intense songwriting session to see what would come out of it. “It felt very easy, which is rare,” says Duke. “To trust your collaborators so deeply is a big deal.”

The centerpiece of the sessions became the jauntily hopeful title track, “When I Stop Running,” which features each member taking a verse. “When we play it for people for the first time they feel like they’ve known it forever,” says Lucca. “It has this timeless quality.” The song took inspiration from TFDI’s transient lifestyle. “It’s the feeling you have on tour,” explains Nash. “While you enjoy being on the road, there’s always a part of you that’s looking forward to kicking off your shoes and taking it easy for a bit.” TFDI plans to tour in support of the new album this summer.

When I Stop Running Tracklisting
1. Stranger In A Strange Place
2. Hurtin’ Kind
3. When I Stop Runnin’
4. Hold On Tight
5. Forever Everyday
6. Ghost
7. Heaven With A Broken Heart
8. Sweet Talkin’ Liar
9. Darlin’ I
10. American Girl
11. Lover I Don’t Have To Love
12. On The Road Again

"When I Stop Running" by TFDI - release date: 07/19/11..

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