The Ohsees to release The Cool Death of Island Raiders

, Editor on May 15, 2006 | genre: rock

After the release of 2004’s double-disc album 3 & 4, The Ohsees (formally OCS) return with a new slab of utter innocence. The Cool Death of Island Raiders features eleven tracks of a pure acoustic/folk/synth-pop with a bounce – tunes only a soulless vampire couldn’t enjoy, like snappy teddy bear anthems for the lingering ten-year-old in us all. Here, the band turned to Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio to work his production magic, taking The Ohsees down a more refined, pop-sensible route.

Artist: The Ohsees
Title: The Cool Death of Island Raiders
Release date: 06/13/06
Label: Narnack Records
Narnack Records
Buy at: Amazon

The Ohsees
It’s as if they threw a sheet of fresh, pathological playfulness over a dusty loft mattress, creating by far the best goo-rock/bedroom folk our world has ever heard. It’s hard to imagine that something so innocent could spawn from the mind of America’s underground trash-rock king, John Dwyer. After the demise of his legendary garage threesome The Coachwhips late last year, Dwyer decided to center The Ohsees as his numero uno. Along with Dwyer’s distant vocals and guitar, The Ohsees features Patrick Mullins (Burmese) on percussion and newcomer Brigid Dawson, a UK native who adds loads of soft and delightful backing vocals to the band’s signature hushed ‘n’ mushed sound.


John Dwyer – guitar, vocals
Patrick Mullins – drums
Bridget Dawson – backing vocals


“Offers a cracked view of acoustic roots music.” – Time Out NY

“John Dwyer carefully builds hypnotic soundscapes with a repetitive, acoustic strumming rooted in primitive, dark country music. He adds an echo of strange static sound effects that are equal parts train rumble and wind whistle to occupy the blank canvas space.The effect is
mesmerizing.” – Punk Planet

“Tiny fragments of rock ‘n’ roll curl around themselves, reverberating, leaving a trail of sparkling miniature harmonies behind.” – Plan B

“Evokes scratchy-voiced singer-songwriters in the ilk of M.Ward only to turn around two tracks later and give the impression of a Velvet Underground B-side.” – Rockpile

The Cool Death of Island Raiders Tracklisting

The Gilded Cunt
The Dumb Drums
Turn Off
Losers in the Sun
Drone Number One
Island Raiders
Cool Death
Broken Stems
We Are Free
Drone Number Two
You Oughtta Go Home

"The Cool Death of Island Raiders" by The Ohsees - release date: 06/13/06..

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