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Maybe you've seen them individually - playing guitar at The Roxy, violin at The Opry, dancing in a hit video, starring in a movie or appearing on your favorite TV show? Well... nothing compares to what you will see and hear when the five artists collectively known as The Stunners introduce the world to their brand of modern dance pop. Allie, Hayley, Lauren, Marisol and Tinashe are poised to break out and break the mold set by most girl groups.

"I want people to look at us and see how five completely different girls from five completely different worlds can come together and make something amazing," adds Hayley.

Artist: The Stunners
Title: Debut EP
Release date: 10/20/09
Label: Sony BMG
Single: Dancin Around the Truth
The Stunners
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The Stunners
An amazing story it is...

After individually working on their solo music careers, the group evolved after a chance recording session with writer/producer Colleen Fitzpatrick (p/k/a Vitamin C) brought a few of the girls together. A mere six months after forming, the group found themselves with a deal at Columbia Records and a television show in development with Lionsgate Television.

Lest you think it was easy...

“Some of us had been trying to do the solo/band thing for a while,” says Allie. “But when we began working as a group, things clicked and moved quickly, but not without personnel changes and countless hours in both recording and rehearsal studios.”

The Stunners have somehow bypassed a lot of the drama associated with girl groups, choosing to focus on the positives and celebrate each other’s differences using their music as a base for a message of togetherness and female empowerment.

“We want to stun people,” Hayley jokes, half seriously, explaining in part where the name comes from, “with our music, our energy, our fashion, our talent and our positivity.”

“We chose the name because it sounds ‘The Killers’ but we are also ambitious young women that really believe we can do the impossible...take over the world with our music, like Madonna did,” adds Allie.

The group borrows in style and spirit from classic girl groups but the real musical influences are the powerful female singer-songwriters like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Fiona Apple, and the Dixie Chicks, indie bands like Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and of course, brilliant performers like Gwen, Rihanna, Britney, Justin and Madonna.

As a result of these varied influences, a new kind of pop group has developed. Still derived from classic dance pop traditions, The Stunners, of course, sing and dance live. But this group shares the lead vocal duties, also play guitar and violin live, and have taken an increasingly active role in writing and developing their future by releasing an independent EP this October.

“Music is my love, my therapy and my obsession,” says Tinashe. “We can’t wait any longer. We want to get our music out there and perform and have people listening to us even as we develop.”

“Our EP is a representation of exactly where we are right now as people and as artists,” says Marisol.

Dancin’ Around The Truth blends clever lyrics about a relationship going wrong with pulsating synths and a hypnotic groove. Songs like Electricity and We Got It celebrate the experience of being out on the town, having fun and burning up the dance floor with powerful beats and sing along choruses, while Imagine Me Gone is an introspective look at love and independence against a melodic backdrop of acoustic guitar and violin.

“Thematically, our EP is about relationships because that’s what’s in our heads a lot of the time,” laughs Lauren.

But don’t think this quintet is only boy-crazed. These performers are hard workers, balancing their music careers while juggling recurring roles on TV shows like Two And A Half Men (Tinashe), Ten Things I Hate About You (Allie), Everyone Hates Chris (Marisol) and the Cartoon Network’s first live action movie Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins (Hayley), to name just a few.

The Stunners continue to write and record their full length album with the likes of Jimmy Harry (Britney, Pink) and Tony Kanal (No Doubt), Sheppard Solomon (Kelly Clarkson), among others, while simultaneously developing their television show which chronicles the rise-to-fame of an aspiring female pop group as their friendships, loves and integrity are tested.

EP is out on October 20th, in anticipation of the debut album next year.

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"Debut EP" by The Stunners - release date: 10/20/09..

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