Timbuktu to release Stranger Danger

, Editor on August 23, 2010 | genre: hiphop

Timbuktu. Just saying the word conjures up images of a place long thought impossible to find. London, Ontario. Now that’s a different story. But out of London comes an MC, one whose raucous debauchery, intense beats and insane live shows conjures up the image of an artist many believe does not exist. But Timbuktu is real, and he’s unleashed Stranger Danger (Urbnet) upon the masses.

Artist: Timbuktu
Title: Stranger Danger
Release date: 08/23/10
Label: ---------
Single: Rock Radio
Buy at: Amazon

As part of the Canadian mic-smashing crew Toolshed, Timbuktu has contributed lyrics and production to numerous albums and has collaborated with acts such as Canada’s Backburner Collective and hip-hop legend El Da Sensai. Now, it’s time for Timbuktu to put his face on Canada’s proverbial hip-hop map. Stranger Danger, a collection of 15 radical and charged tracks is hip-hop that manages to work its way into the subconscious with a sense of class. From the sly, late-summer vibe of ‘Fishcakes’ to the old-school, carefree lyrical bounce of ‘Authority Figures,’ there is truly something for both casual and dedicated hip-hop fans on Stranger Danger.

Making a well-respected name for himself for the past 13 years also has its perks for Timbuktu; numerous guest stars show up on Stranger Danger to lend their voice and respect to a truly well-crafted album. Chokeules lends spooky rhymes to the punchy, distinct groove of ‘X Files’ while El Da Sensai shows up on the immediately catchy, club-ready ‘Nothin Sweet.’ Stranger Danger runs the gamut of Canadian hip-hop, with production coming not just from Timbuktu but a cast of stars including The Extremities, Fresh Kils and Jorun Bombay. With so much to offer, Stranger Danger might be that one album that was long thought impossible to find. Fun yet intense, cohesive but with breakout tracks, Stranger Danger will not disappoint. The search, is over.

September 18th - Waterloo, ON - Maxwell's Music House
September 23rd - Toronto, ON - Manifesto Festival

"Stranger Danger" by Timbuktu - release date: 08/23/10..

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