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For decades, US music charts have seen what they call a “British Invasion” take place. From The Beatles and Rolling Stones to Wham!, Culture Club and Tears For Fears, this phenomenon does not seem to skip any generation. In the latest decade, we have seen Coldplay, Amy Winehouse., and more recently, artists like Taio Cruz and Jay Sean hit the top of the charts. It is with this in mind that the undisputed British breakout star of 2010, Tinie Tempah, has set his sights on America.

Tinie Tempah has had an incredible year - few debut artists boast three hit singles, a Glastonbury performance on the Pyramid stage and millions of YouTube views. Yet this 21 year-old artist has captivated music fans, celebrities and critics alike in just a matter of months.

Artist: Tinie Tempah
Title: DiscOvery
Release date: 03/22/11
Label: Capitol Records
Tinie Tempah
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Tinie Tempah
Tinie began the year as a newly signed artist in the melee of other musicians hoping to make an impact on the UK music scene. His major label debut single Pass Out hit No.1, and has since had in excess of 16 million YouTube views. Its follow-up, Frisky, shot straight to No.2 and has been viewed over 10 million times. His third single, Written In The Stars, reached No.1 and thus far, he has sold over 1.2 million singles in the UK alone. His debut album, DiscOvery, debuted at No.1 in the UK, and went gold in its first week, further proving his star power and selling over 200,000 copies to date. Tinie plans to duplicate this success in the US, introducing himself with his number one UK banger Pass Out followed by the melodic, and also number one UK single, Written In The Stars.

Written In The Stars, produced by Swedish powerhouse Ishi, details the 21 year-old’s past, present and future ambitions. “I’m trying to live the dream and other people can do the same if they put their mind to it. That’s what the song is about. You can do everything I’ve done, if you’re determined and driven enough.” Featuring the incredible vocals of Boston newcomer Eric Turner, the epic, synth-led single features crisp drums, razor-sharp guitars and a considered message delivered in Tinie’s uniquely credible style. “I used to be the kid that noone cared about, that’s why you have to keep screaming till they hear you out,” raps Tinie.

While the first singles sound like bonafide radio smashes, they are just a taste of what’s to come on Tinie’s debut album, Disc-Overy, set for release in Spring 2011. As well as highlighting the finer things in life that success can offer, Tinie details the lows of fame and fortune, as well as offering a candid insight into his childhood growing up in south London. “On every single song you’ll get a line that reveals what life was, and is, like for me. I recorded a lot of it after Pass Out went to No.1, so that gave me a chance to reflect on life before and after achieving success. When I’m in the studio, it’s just me in my tracksuit, a bottle of water and my thoughts. Going to No.1 gave me a chance to consider how far I’ve come, but also how far I intend to go.”

An incredibly confident debut, DiscOvery certifies Tinie's absolute ability to achieve worldwide success. With Tinie already on the US radar thanks to remixes with Diddy,Snoop, NAS and Damian Marley, DiscOvery reasserts his global appeal by offering inventive production and a range of rhymes that are in turn frank and funny. The diverse and imaginative album features collaborations with Ellie Goulding and Kelly Rowland and production from Labrinth (Pass Out, Frisky), newcomer Ishi, Al Shux (Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind) and Naughty Boy (Chipmunk, Wiley), as well as renowned dance producers Swedish House Mafia on “Miami 2 Ibiza”, another UK top 5 single.

The song Simply Unstoppable underscores Tinie’s roots while Swedish House Mafia have created an undeniable dancefloor anthem in the form of Miami 2 Ibiza, and Naughty Boy delivers a deliciously brooding pop number Let Go, featuring Emile Sande. One of Tinie’s personal favourites, the laidback Snap talks about chronicling life photographically, including “My mom and dad’s wedding picture, which is my favourite photo in the world”, while Wonderman features Ellie Goulding and is produced by Labrinth. “I wanted this album to be really raw, not only in terms of the production but the guests. I was only interested in working with people I really respect and who I’m a fan of. I met Ellie very early on, we swapped numbers and after that we started living very parallel worlds; the same festivals, interviews and so on. It made total sense to have her on the album.”

He may be distinctive in his delivery and creative in his approach to the business of music, yet the charismatic rapper’s own background is much like an average kid anywhere in the world. “I’ve never tried to be anything than what I am. I was well bought up, I liked school, I liked learning, I’m well educated, I’m well spoken,” Tinie reflects. His mom and dad were keen to keep their kids away from trouble, moving the family from Peckham to Plumstead when Tinie was 11. It's thanks to his capital city upbringing that Tinie has been able to achieve all he has. "London is one of the only places in the world where you can live in a council block and see a beautiful semi-detached house across the street. Growing up around that was inspirational, it kept me motivated." Yet, despite success on the underground, few would have predicted just how hugely successful he would become.

Since signing, he has accomplished more than anyone might have imagined - yet for this driven young man, it’s clearly just the beginning of an already incredible career. With a long-term goal in mind, Tinie is far from a one-hit wonder. This pragmatic, prudent MC is mindful of the decisions he makes, and has big plans for himself.

“I really want people to get this album, I want them to listen to it as a whole and see that not all the tracks are chart-driven. I really wanted to give people some ‘Tinie Time’ for an hour,” he insists. “I want people to see this is not a joke to me; now I’m here and I’ve been given theopportunity, I’m not messing around. I’m looking to take my tour, the videos, the music, everything, completely beyond what you can fathom. It’s never just another day in the life of Tinie; I’ve got a lot to do and you can bet on the fact that I’ll do it.”

"DiscOvery" by Tinie Tempah - release date: 03/22/11..

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