Ungdomskulen to release Bisexual

, Editor on February 27, 2009 | genre: rock

Slated for digital release in the United States on March 2nd, Bisexual, in Ungdomskulen's own words, marks the "return of the Norwegian rock wizards." They rise like a phoenix from the ashes, literally, the ashes of their rehearsal space, which burnt down a month prior to their booked studio time, and took all of their instruments with it.

Being the resourceful, hard-working, and optimistic lads they are, they found new gear and went into the Bergen based studio as scheduled to record Bisexual over the course of two weeks.

Artist: Ungdomskulen
Title: Bisexual
Release date: 03/2/09
Label: Ungdomskulen Records/Tuba/Artspages
Single: Idunno
Buy at: Amazon

Ungdomskulen´s sophomore album take the power-trio further into the navel of their three-headed rock-molusk. Yes, Bisexual is a semi-epic journey in the askew world of the three sexual-minded Nords.

Bisexual follows up on their debut record Cry-baby, which Pitchfork described as "all motion, mixing indie-rock lightning with heavy-metal thunder and revealing a belief in rock's spiritual powers." They also confused school children and received wide acclaim for the innovative video for the single "Modern Drummer".

Since the release of Cry-baby in 2007, the band have taken all the wisdom and knowledge they´d gatherd travelling the world, and mixed it into a motley stew. Perfecting their sound, words and outlook. Bisexual moves between the audible equivalent of a stunning beauty dancing on a ball-room floor, to dirty pants-wearing mofo´s moving in obscene hypnotic manners, and rocking boats on a sea of boredom. As they describe it, "It´s the thinking man´s poetic prog-punk, a mix of T2, PIL and egg, but then again not. With songs about the finer things in life like love, pink and blue checkered toenails and binoculars."

The album cover was painted by George Underwood, the man who created Gentle Giant's debut LP and Bowie's Hunky Dory as well as numerous classic album covers for T-Rex, Mott the Hoople and Procol Harum. The piece is titled "Lost Expression."

Bisexual is out March 2 through most digital retailers.

Ungdomskulen will be appearing at SXSW 2009 in Austin. They play Spiro's Amphitheatre on Thursday March 19th at 11:00 pm.

"Bisexual" by Ungdomskulen - release date: 03/2/09..

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