We Are The Fallen to release Tear The World Down

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We Are The Fallen will release their debut album Tear The World Down on May 11th, 2010. The first single from this iconic band ‘Bury Me Alive,’ is already making its way up the modern and active rock charts.

The formidable five-some is comprised of the original members of multi-platinum trailblazing band Evanescence, guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt along with drummer Rocky Gray, joined by breakout American Idol finalist Carly Smithson on vocals. Acclaimed bassist Marty O’Brien (Disturbed and Static-X, among others) rounds out We Are The Fallen's unique sound.

Artist: We Are The Fallen
Title: Tear The World Down
Release date: 03/11/10
Label: Universal Republic
We Are The Fallen
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We Are The Fallen
The group has been on a 28-city tour with Finnish rock band H.I.M., which finishes in New York on May 9th. Following the conclusion of that run, We Are The Fallen will head out on their own two week headlining tour beginning on May 13th in Northampton, MA. In June, We Are The Fallen will return to Europe for performances at the Download Festival and Rock am Ring/Rock im Park. Summer U.S. touring plans are also in the works and will be announced shortly.

Moody left platinum-plus breakthrough rock act Evanescence in 2003 and has since co-written major hits for Chris Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson among others. Evanescence’s groundbreaking 2003 album, Fallen, spent an incredible 43 weeks on the Billboard Top Ten Albums Chart, selling 15 million copies worldwide and 7 million + albums in the U.S. alone.

For Smithson, We Are The Fallen fulfills her destiny as one of rock’s most potent new female voices. She first turned heads as one of American Idol’s more engaging rock candidates, landing a controversial sixth place slot during Season 7 of the landmark television series, but not before gaining traction as one of the show’s most original and uncompromising new talents. The powerful vocalist’s ‘elimination’ sent shockwaves through the ‘Idol’ blogger nation, with her acclaimed performances on the 2008 American Idol Tour cementing her current reputation as a force to be reckoned with - possessing a riveting rock presence that is second to none.

4/27/10 Gothic Theatre Englewood, CO*
4/29/10 House of Blues Dallas, TX*
4/30/10 House of Blues Houston, TX*
5/2/10 House of Blues Orlando, FL*
5/3/10 Center Stage Atlanta, GA*
5/4/10 House Of Blues North Myrtle Beach, SC*
5/7/10 Irving Plaza New York, NY*
5/8/10 Irving Plaza New York, NY*
5/9/10 Irving Plaza New York, NY*
5/13/10 Pearl Street Northampton, MA
5/14/10 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY
5/16/10 Chameleon Lancaster, PA
5/1710 The Quarter Baltimore, MD
5/18/10 El Mocambo Toronto, ONT
5/19/10 TBD Flint, MI
5/20/10 Reggie’s Rock Club Chicago, IL
5/22/10 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
5/23/10 Tulsa, OK Cains
5/25/10 Little Rock, OK Juanita’s
6/5/10 Rock am Ring Nurburgring, Germany
6/6/10 Rock im Park Nuremberg, Germany
6/11/10 Melkweg Amsterdam, The Netherlands
6/12/10 Download Festival Donington Park, UK

* - With HIM

We Are The Fallen biography
It is the culmination of accomplished histories and celebrated pasts. Of noteworthy achievements and sterling reputations. Of creative fortitude and limitless artistic ambitions.

You've heard the members of We Are the Fallen before on multi-platinum albums and chart-topping singles. You've seen them on mega-hit TV shows. Their names have appeared on dozens of songwriting and playing credits for other artists, and they've done enough road work that you may well have experienced them on stage, too.

But We Are the Fallen is the true way the five -- Ben Moody, Carly Smithson, Rocky Gray, John LeCompt and Marty O'Brien -- really want to be heard, as a band that strides out of its members' collective pasts into a bold present and an exciting future defined by its debut album, Tear The World Down.

"This is the band we've always wanted to be in," explains an ebullient Moody, who's making a triumphant return to the ensemble world after nearly seven years of writing and producing." We just wanted to be back doing what we love the most. From the very beginning it was clear we were going to take everything that we loved about our musical past and we were going to make it faster, we were going to make it heavier, we were going to make it catchier and we were going to make it better. "That was kind of our goal -- bigger, better, faster and more of it."

O'Brien chimes in that calling the group We Are The Fallen underscores that desire to turn the past into a scintillating kind of present.

"Our band name 'We Are The Fallen' definitely has a strong meaning to all of us," he says. "I feel that each member was brought into this band because of past situations that either fell apart, disbanded, or musical projects we had going on that didn't work out the way we had hoped. I feel like we are somewhat of a band of misfits coming together to create something special that we could not have created individually."

Tear The World Down is the first fruit of that creation, a 12-track opus that swirls from the heavy rocking barrages of the first single, "Bury Me Alive,” "Burn," "Through Hell" and "Without You" to the emotive balladry of "Sleep Well, My Angel" and "I Am Only One" to the epic construction of the title track. Electric guitar crunch blends with majestic orchestrations, all encasing melodies that flaunt classic compositional sensibilities and state-of-the-art soundscapes. Add to that the kind of cajones for a daring overhaul of Madonna's "Like a Prayer" -- an idea Moody had while on a camping trip -- that's even more dramatic and in-your-face than the original. Moody calls We Are The Fallen "a huge, symphonic metal pop monster," and he's quick to note that's the result of a five-way team effort.

"The great thing about this band is that everyone is capable of doing more than one thing," he says. "There are a lot of different times where two people will do something together and bring it to two other people, or sometimes it'll be this track that comes out in 20 minutes and Carly goes off and writes lyrics and melodies on her own. There are times when I'll just sit down and write a piano ballad or Rocky the drummer will come up with entire guitar pieces and huge chunks of a song arrangement...So it's a very unique band dynamic."

Moody started putting We Are The Fallen together in 2009, but the band's roots go back farther than that. Moody, Gray and LeCompt were original members of Evanescence when that group released its 2003 debut Fallen, which spent 104 weeks on the Billboard 200 -- 43 of those in the
Top 10 -- sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and launched the hits "Bring Me to Life," "Going Under" and "My Immortal."
Wishing to broaden his experiences, Moody left the band later that year, and he subsequently wrote for and recorded with an array of artists including Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Daughtry, Anastacia and others. He also recorded songs for the soundtracks of "The Punisher" and "Fantastic 4," helmed the nascent career of Montana-born singer Hana Pestle and released a digital solo album, All For This, in 2009.

"I've inundated myself with trying to hone my craft," Moody says, "and I've written with an enormous amount of people, a lot of whom the world doesn't know about. So I just had all of this experience and learned all these things, and I wanted to create some sort of vehicle that I could bring all that to."

Getting the "band itch" again, Moody made a call to Gray and LeCompt, who had also parted ways with Evanescence. "I said, `Look, if I put something new together, would you guys be interested?' " Moody recalls. "Without a moment's hesitation they said yes, so from that moment on we were just on a mission."

LeCompt says the three former band mates became current band mates with very little effort. "We have such a strong background," he notes. "Coming back on board together was pretty natural. As soon as you get back in that room it's like, 'Wait a minute. We're exactly the same people we were when we last saw each other."

Gray feels the same way. "I agree with John, jamming again in a room with Ben was amazing, and with Marty and Carly being a part of this there’s nothing musically we can’t do—Boom!”

O'Brien brought his own formidable and complementary credentials to the We Are The Fallen party as a bassist -- in the studio and on stage -- for Tommy Lee and his Methods of Mayhem, Disturbed and Static-X as well as Dion, Clarkson and Pestle. The search for a singer, however, was more complex.

Moody acknowledges he was "getting a little bit discouraged" trying to find the right fit for the band. "We didn't want to find a puppet," he says. "We didn't want to find a puppet, someone with a great voice who would just be propped up and sing what we tell 'em to. We wanted a band member—co-writer, a friend, someone who would equally bring great music to the table."

The Dublin-born Smithson, a 2008 "American Idol" finalist who moved to the U.S. as a teenager and released her own album in 2001, came into the picture after Moody's housemate met her at a dinner party. He was initially uninterested, but after some lobbying by the housemate and Moody's girlfriend -- and even his girlfriend's mother -- he checked out a YouTube video of Smithson performing and decided they had to meet, which they did in the wee hours following a concert.

"Creatively we were in sync that night from the first word of our conversation. Our musical and visual ideas for our future were so alike it was a no-brainer answer when Ben asked me to come on board and complete the line up. I'd been creating my own solo record for most of that year but for me it was always missing that magic, that element of sparkle and excitement. The songs I was writing were great but for me that’s where it ended. I felt like I was missing something in the bigger picture. That night by the end of myself and Ben’s conversation it was not only bright outside but it was very clear I had found that element and a new home in We Are The Fallen.

And any residual skepticism her new band mates might have carried was put to rest when she brought in a song she'd been working on -- "Bury Me Alive." "That was a big moment for us," Moody remembers. "That was the first thing she brought to the table, and it really solidified that this would not just be her singing over our ideas. We realized, 'Holy shit, we just wrote our first single,' and we knew that we had completed a real band and weren't just some guys who used to be in another band who got a singer from a TV show."

We Are the Fallen officially debuted on June 22, 2009, when it launched its web site with a press conference and live performance of "Bury Me Alive. The group offered 100,000 early web site registrants a free download of "Bury Me Alive," which was ultimately streamed on the group's MySpace site due to the overwhelming response.

We Are the Fallen then signed with Universal Republic in October and set to work on Tear The World Down in Los Angeles with co-producer Dan Certa, along with contributions from longtime Moody collaborator David Hodges and award-winning string arranger David Campbell. "We don't want our albums to be just a collection of songs," Moody says. "We wanted it to have a beginning, a middle and an end and be a cohesive piece of work."

Smithson, meanwhile, marvels that, "I've never had music flow out of me so easily nor have I ever felt so meant to be somewhere. There is just no effort to it with these guys, we work so perfect together."

Marty, who's been around a few musical situations in his time, is not surprised that's the case. "Obviously, Ben played with John and Rocky for years, and Ben and I have been working on stuff for six years together. So it all worked when we came together, and Carly was that final piece of the puzzle. She just clicked with everybody instantly."

With Tear The World Down ready to be unleashed on the world, We Are The Fallen are now ready to conquer the concert stage—where Moody in particular is chomping at the bit to return after working on other capacities for the past seven years. "It's going to be every bit as big as the record times ten," he promises, because we'll be playing twice as hard and twice as loud. It's just going to have an entirely new dimension of energy."

Smithson is just as excited about bringing We Are The Fallen's music to the stage, "We want to create a live show that people will come to see again and again. This music is so powerful that it gives us so much room to dabble in stage production and get creative. Putting on a real "show" is our main goal for the future—fusing music with visual arts and theatrical elements.

"Obviously," Moody concludes with a satisfied chuckle, "you're going to have to search far and wide to find a band that is as passionate about our music as we are. We are here to just blow people away.”

Tear The World Down Tracklisting
1. Bury Me Alive
2. Burn
3. Paradigm
4. Don’t Leave Me Behind
5. Sleep Well My Angel
6. Through Hell
7. I Will Stay
8. Like A Prayer
9. Without You
10. St. John
11. I am Only One
12. Tear The World Down

"Tear The World Down" by We Are The Fallen - release date: 03/11/10..

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