Released:October 26, 2010
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“Tear The World Down”, the latest single from the album of the same name by We Are The Fallen, will be released October 12th, 2010. A proven audience favorite on the touring circuit, “Tear The World Down” features captivating vocals from Smithson, soaring instrumentals from the band members Ben Moody, John LeCompt, Rocky Gray and Marty O’Brien, highlighted by choir swells and strings by award-winning arranger, composer and conductor David Campbell. “I've been waiting quite a few years to create a song of this sonic magnitude, depth, and passion- and I could not be more proud,” stated Ben Moody.

I gave the song a listen and I like it. Let's see if it will grow on me. (October, 2010) Remember: oldie but goodie. Like wine, some songs get better due time. Is this one of them or was it just a one-day wonder? Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.

We Are The Fallen

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