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Wordsworth: Mirror Music: The Deluxe Edition

(3/23/2006) Since its initial commercial release in 2004, and following its unprecedented critical success, unsurpassable achievements on urban radio, and phenomenal reception by fans, press, DJs and taste-makers alike, Wordsworth's Mirror Music is back and better than ever! Due to popu(...) Read more about Wordsworth to release Mirror Music: The Deluxe Edition

Interview with Wordsworth

(12/24/2004) Wordsworth, the lyrical juggernaut, releases his debut solo album on Halftooth Records. Todd E Jones interviews the man from Lyricist's Lounge.(...) Read more about Interview with Wordsworth

Wordsworth: Mirror Music

(7/9/2003) In Hip Hop, there are rhymesayers and there are wordsmiths. The former merely rattle off catchy, elementary rhymes that are easy to digest and forget. Wordsmiths, on the other hand, articulately demonstrate their superior command of the English language by spitting clever, t(...) Read more about Wordsworth to release Mirror Music