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With the January 27th release of The TakeOver growing closer by the day, Zion I’s AmpLive and Zumbi are fanning the flames of anticipation with the release of The Search and the Seizure Mixtape. In keeping with the title of their forthcoming album, the mixtape finds the Bay Area duo commandeering other artists’ tunes. The A-side features a run of hip-hop classics, complemented with verses from Talib Kweli, Deuce Eclipse and Codany Holiday. The B-side finds Amp and Zumbi stepping into indie and electro territory, with remixes of Muse, Santogold, MGMT and much more, so boom-bap addicts and fans of Amp's recent remixes for Radiohead, Jamie Lidell, Tapes N Tapes and more should have plenty to sink their teeth into.

I have read positive feedback about this song and we have to agree. This is a somewhat 'older' joint but still very tight. A lot of people have given their thumbs up and so should you. Click on the 'play'-button and enjoy!

I give it of 5 stars.

Zion I

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